The Real Juarez - Troubles with Ubisoft's 'The Cartel'

BeefJack: "Ubisoft’s CALL OF JUAREZ: THE CARTEL was released last week, with its new modern-day setting in Mexico’s ongoing battle between the authorities and the drug cartels. But what’s really going on in this troubled region? We’ve spoken to people who live and work in the Ciudad Juarez – trying to make the city a better place – about what they think of the idea this violence is being used as entertainment for people who’ve never even visited the country."

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wallis2829d ago

"the idea this violence is being used as entertainment for people who’ve never even visited the country."


You know what? Let's not bother. Let's just fucking stop and not bother doing anything because it's always going to offend someone. Let's stop making games, movies, comics, novels, plays, paintings, models, graffiti, jokes and every-fucking-thing else because SOMEWHERE someone is going to get annoyed and offended.

I wasn't aware I needed to visit every fucking country that's portrayed in the video games I play.

Shit I've been replaying Doom 3? Does that mean I need to take a vacation to mars and then hell before I can play the game and remain politically correct at the same time.

The reason they chose that fucking setting by the way was because it just so happened to be the same setting as the previous games just in a different time period. Which, when thinking about it, is actually common sense.

aaabbbccc43242829d ago

your right we cant please everyone and anything is always going to offend someone, so we should not ban a game just because a minority is offended

Quagmire2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

So, we're to believe that Mexico is a safe, drug free, and crime free country? Heck, not just Mexiaco, but every country in the world is corrupt and crime-ridden. How is it offensive to portray real life setting and scenarios in a Video Game? It would be offensive if it was falsified, but facts are facts.

You think the Germans are getting all pissy about the number of WW2 games portraying Nazis, and to an even more insulting effect, Zombie Nazis? No, because what happened has heppened, and there's no change to it.