Mass Effect 3 - make a choice, but you have to take consequence

VG247: "Mass Effect 3 will adress a frequent criticism of the series so far, by providing more numerous and weightier player choices, accoridng to BioWare."

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SKUD3612d ago

Choice: Bone Liara (Again)
Consequence: Blue children.

Tough call.

SageHonor3612d ago

He keeps rambling about the same stuff..... We know this already.. I dont like how he keeps jumping around certain questions.. If you dont want to spoil it.. then just say so! Sheesh

Nate-Dog3612d ago

This is sort of obvious though. I mean it's the final game of the series (or at least in this part of the series) so all choices from previous games and this game itself are going to have their consequences or rewards now.