3DS vs PS Vita – Who shall reign? [MEGamers]

A look at the three most important aspects of the new-gen handheld consoles.

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DrRichtofen3618d ago

Vita looks more appealing to me, and it seems to do everything the 3DS can and more, minus the 3D. Whats really got me sided with Vita is its dual analog sticks and its upcoming and still growing list of launch titles. Not to mention its graphics look comparable with 360/ps3.

Ayer993617d ago

Screen Shots look good, Screen Rates look bad.

Lazyeye793617d ago

I've heard more about the Vita than the 3DS and Vita hasn't even launched yet.

I say Vita will reign supreme.

darthv723617d ago

Considering both are different in many respects I would have to say that both are winners and losers in certain aspects.

Thing is...does it matter? People are going to buy what they want regardless of what others say or do. Neither needs to reign.

IRetrouk3618d ago

i will have both thank you very much. 3ds is a good handheld with plenty to offer gamers, vita is technically better with plenty to offer gamers, win win for everyone

xX-Jak-Xx3617d ago (Edited 3617d ago )

no need for VS
they are both good but i am getting vita day 1

NukaCola3617d ago

Vita is impressive. The flair of the 3DS wore off after I got my hands on it and it gave me a headache. Plus it's launch line up was crappy. And I feel like they are forcing the 3DS on us. Luigi's Mansion for one is perfect for Wii or Wii U but is going to 3DS...seems lame. And about 10 titles are now canceled for the 3DS. Only good games are out are SSFIV and Zelda...both ports. Vita has the price, the games, the graphics, the interface, trophies, PSN, social features, augmented reality, cameras, sixaxis, GPS, I coulg go on. It is full of win. I will get a 3DS one day, but not until it's cheap and they have a good line of good titles out.

Venox20083617d ago

both are good ..and both will offer different content ..some will be better than vita's some will be better than 3DS :)

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The story is too old to be commented.