Toronto Thumbs Review: Wii Play Motion

From the Review:

"It’s almost hard to imagine that Wii Play was released over four years ago, isn’t it? One of the best-selling games of all time, Wii Play didn’t exactly offer gamers the best mini-game experience (that one goes to WarioWare: Smooth Moves, duh) but it did offer endless hours of laser hockey, table tennis and, my favourite: tank battles. On top of that (and probably the main reason why people picked up this game in the first place), the game came bundled with an extra Wii-mote – smart means for the quirky new console that had so much potential.

Since then, Nintendo has released Wii Play Motion, a direct sequel to the bestseller. With it comes some new additions and improvements: better mini-games, better controls and -most importantly- a glossy new Wii-mote with a built-in Wii Motion Plus. Funny how the accessory has become the hot topic once again; but it shows in sales and Nintendo clearly knows how to grab a hold of its audience."

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