The Progression of the PlayStation 3

MMGN writes: The PlayStation 3 was released in North America in November of 2006, making it four-and-a-half years old and leading into its fifth year in the market. That makes it an aggressive contender in the industry for longer than both the Xbox and Gamecube from last generation.

However, the competition has been slightly different in the seventh generation of video game consoles. Nintendo lured in the casual 'non-gamer' -- the mums and fathers, sisters and grandparents -- with the Wii, while Microsoft got the early jump with the launch of the Xbox 360 in November of 2005, leading the way with a solid online platform and online console gaming superiority.

So what was Sony going up against when it launched the PlayStation 3 at the end of 2006? It was coming up against Microsoft and its Xbox 360, a console with essentially its own monopoly for 12 months, and Nintendo with the Wii, a console that was always going to sell like hotcakes (when you're aiming for the lowest common denominator, it's easy to sell by the truck load).

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chriski3333619d ago

it just keeps getting better

IAmTheTruth3619d ago

I suggest people read this article, it's pretty good.

Skynetone3619d ago

It's just that the design itself is a real mess: cluttered, too wordy and just a real chore to navigate, especially when compared to Xbox Live

100% disagree, if you think the ps3 is hard to navigate your an idiot

theres so many places where sony fail, but navigating the system is not one of them

IAmTheTruth3619d ago

I like the user interface too.

TBM3619d ago

seriously if no one can navigate left to right, up and down on the XMB they are complete and utter IDIOTS. i find it funny how when i turn on my 360 it's starting to look more and more like the XMB on my PS3.

Sandworm793619d ago

@mc kool k he was talking about psn not the ps 3 isnt easy to navigate for a first time user imho.

TBM3619d ago

Oh ok either way I didn't find it hard to navigate when I got my ps3 back a few years back. All the person has to do is read its something we've learned back we were little kids.

3619d ago
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