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gamrReview: "The occasional hiccup aside, Bastion is an excellent XBLA title, with a superb soundtrack, enjoyable combat and upgrade systems, beautiful presentation and a narrator that’s second to none. Bastion is, for the time being, the clear frontrunner to be crowned this year’s Summer of Arcade must-have, and for good reasons."

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Torillian2824d ago

Looked really cool at E3, was so dissapointed I didn't get time to sit down with it. Glad to hear it met expectations.

naznatips2824d ago

This game looks great, but I don't know if I want to cough up the cash right this moment. I'm also trying to buy fewer XBL games as I move my library to PSN in preparation of selling my 360.

manumit2824d ago

Only got the demo and loved it! Can't afford 1200 MP at the moment though :(

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