WWE '12 Will Be A Harder Game

One of the many complaints about previous WWE video games, was that the A.I. was too easy to beat. Fans no need to worry about that anymore as THQ has confirmed WWE '12 will be more of a challenge.

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Wintersun6162829d ago

Hopefully they actually improve the AI, instead of just buffing up the opponents and making them perfect counter-machines who can see the future and will never stay down longer than 3 seconds.

And also, bring back the body-damage indicators... At least as an option.

DiffusionE2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

Just make them a lot harder to pin, especially in title matches. Make them more aware of their environment. Have them make a much more varied use of their moves more often(e.g. - constant back-rakes in backstage brawls are annoying). And most importantly, drop the 99% counter bullsh!t.

2829d ago
LoneWanderer092829d ago

Good it gets old being able to beat any superstar on legend

BlmThug2829d ago

Yes. They Are Counter Gods On The Hardest Difficulty