IGN: Catherine Second Opinions

Catherine is up there with Infamous 2 as my favorite game of 2011 so far. But what did other IGN editors think about it? Atlus was kind enough to send us a plethora of retail copies of Catherine a couple of weeks ago, and I handed them out to fellow editors. Five of them were kind enough to take part in this Second Opinions article.

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LOGICWINS2825d ago

"I had to start the game over on easy and I still died quite a bit. I've platinum'd Demon's Souls twice now and I think Catherine is a much more difficult game."


admiralvic2825d ago

For a person named "logic wins" you would assume they would apply some logic here.

Demon Souls is a hack/slash title with precise planning.
Catherine is a puzzle/platformer with quick thinking.

Clearly skills in one directly transfers to the other...

LOGICWINS2824d ago

^^LOL, how did u get all that from my comment?

Flummoxxed2825d ago

Played the demo, and it seems like a modern "q-bert" game with dialog type cutscenes... what is it I'm missing?

mamotte2825d ago

well, I was seeing the videos for battlefield 3 and modern warfare 3 and it seems like a modern Maze War with dialog and cutscenes.

manman62825d ago

I need to check out the demo of this game.

Ryo-Hazuki2825d ago

Picking it up early tomorrow can't wait.

iWishTifaWasReal2825d ago

i hate playing puzzle games so im just gonna watch the playthrough on Youtube :D

really, i just wanna know the story