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PS3 and 360 Close in Capability, Says Ubisoft Boss

Ubisoft president doesn't believe one is harder to develop for than the other:

Yves Guillemot, president and CEO of Ubisoft, has stated his belief that the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 are very close in terms of what is possible from a development perspective.

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RadientFlux4027d ago

completely agree.. as I sad anyone excepting a PS2/Xbox difference this generation is going to be disappointed. Sure there will be the odd game but these games will be rare.

unlimited4027d ago

uncharted drakes fortune and ratchet kill any 360 games in visually..

unlimited4027d ago

uncharted drakes fortune and ratchet kill any 360 games in visually..

gaffyh4027d ago

Xbox was a lot more advanced last gen, but PS2 won because it is more popular. Wasn't it Ubisoft that said Naruto could only be done on the 360? LMAO is all I have to say to that...

hollabox4027d ago

I would not say Drake and especially Rachet kills any 360 titles. COD4 looks better then both, and the PS3 version in terms of textures and complexity.

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ktchong4027d ago (Edited 4027d ago )

He actually made that statement at a stockholder conference - to the company's board and stockholders as part of his financial report and forecast.

So he's not making a PR statement to the media or press or anything like that.

Vip3r4027d ago (Edited 4027d ago )

So does this mean the PS3 actually can achieve the lighting in 360 exclusive Splinter Cell game?

MK_Red4027d ago

They said that kind of lighting in SC5: Conviction (360 exclusive) can only be done on 360 hardware (at the time).

While Ubi is a studio that has worked on both PS3 and 360, I still think that tech pro studios like id, Criterion and Epic are the ones that should talk about these things not business men.

beavis4play4027d ago (Edited 4027d ago )

so does this mean that the 360 will ever have anything looking close to ratchet,uncharted, HS, KZ2, MGS4, FF13/versus,or GTprologue/5?

Close_Second4027d ago

...I love it when fanboys stand on their soapbox and spiel out the same list of games time and time again. If it was all about visuals then the PS2 would have lost last gen. If it was all about visuals then consoles would never gain a foothold on PC gaming. If it was all about visuals then the Wii would not be kicking butt in terms of console sales.

Slightly off topic but if movies were all about visuals then movies like "Independence Day" would win Oscars for being the best movie, best actor, best director, etc, etc. Same would go for Episode III. However, the best movies most typically go to those that have substance and style over just style.

There is nothing wrong with great visuals but as any gamer knows, great visuals are the icing on the cake when there is great gameplay. Even the best visuals cannot save a game that has average or tired gameplay, regardless of what platform its released on.

By the way - Halo 3 had fantastic visuals. There were moments in that game of sheer stunning brilliance and just because it was in upscaled 720p did not matter one bit.

Oh yes, perhaps you should hold off listing games until they are released. I say this as people like you were probably listing things like Lair a few weeks back as well....and well, where is that now?

mighty_douche4027d ago

this has flame bait writen all over it...

IW have already shown this. its DONE!

jackfatal4027d ago

i guess not!! xbots will say xRROD have better games!!

JasonPC360PS3Wii4027d ago

Pick one or take your schizo meds.

jackfatal4027d ago

u cant help them!!i am happy with the ps3 but i dont hate 360!! i jusy dont like it!

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The story is too old to be commented.