Headset with game bundles revealed for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

An online retailer has revealed three headset with game bundles for the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Check out the images of the contents as well as the technical specifications of the headsets.

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Chocoboh3614d ago

is this just some partner stuff like are they still gonna do limited edition packs or not? Cause if they're not then at least they got their act together and stopped offering their $5 shit from China and gave us something decent

DeFFeR3614d ago

You'll still be able to buy the $5 Chinese shit.

This is more a limited edition of the headset, that just happens to include the game as well.

BioDemon-3614d ago

Ehhhhhh, I'm not to keen on Turtle Beach.

Ser3614d ago

Why not? They're awesome. My PX21 headset is the only one I've used that didn't hurt my ears after prolonged usage.

PS360PCROCKS3614d ago

i love people on this site. Someone says "I like them and they don't hurt my ears" and some disagrees? Do you have inside information that they DO in fact hurt his ears? lol seriously

ReservoirDog3163614d ago

@ ps360

Maybe they've used them before and it hurt them? It doesn't always mean they disagree with what he's saying specifically, maybe they're disagreeing with the point of the message.

Or something along those lines. It's not that hard.

Takoulya3614d ago (Edited 3614d ago )


Perhaps other people had them and they hurt their ears? I actually have it, too. Great headset, but its hinges get loose rather quickly. I like the X360's X11's mic better, too. The metal is easy to bend on them, and the loose hinges on my PX21 make it a nuisance to use the mic.

EDIT: Damn, ReservoirDog316, just ninja'd me. XD

BeOneWithTheGun3614d ago

ps3360rocks: I didn;t disagree but I think someone has a px21 headset and it does hurt their ears so they disagreed.

I only comment because I have seen this before. Someone says something like,

"I loved this game so much I played all night!"

and then someone disagrees and the person goes,

"WHAT? You mean I didn't stay up all night?? This site sucks!"

When if fact someone just didn't like said game and had never stayed up all night playing it. Ergo, disagreeing with that statement.

I might be wrong, though but that is how I see the disagree button. It is not to say that what the OP said is not true to the OP but that the statement is not true for the disagreer.

PS360PCROCKS3614d ago

ya i guess, it's just not a blanket statement like "oh yes they could never hurt your ears!" or "MW3/UC3/GEARS3/BF3 sucks"

To me people spam the damn disagree button to disagree with someone's personal feelings. To each their own, disagree away, it happens everyday on this site. Today i posted a link and said "crytek says no more patches, be wary if you buy because it has issues." I got 3 disagrees, I just laugh though :)

MidnytRain3614d ago

The funny thing is, if he hadn't asked why he got disagrees, no one would've told him. Too many hit-and-runs here.

BioDemon-3614d ago

I find most of them to be low quality, I've went though 3 of them. They are comfortable and have a decent sound though.

thematrix12983613d ago

I agree the "disagree" button is a joke. It has no meaning in in this site. It's still funny to read comments and see the agree/disagrees :)

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JsonHenry3613d ago

I jumped on the turtle beach bandwagon. They are okay for a cheap headset. If you want to make a real investment and get the best quality get the Astro set that works for PC/PS3/X360. MUCH better sound quality.

subtenko3613d ago

What about Pelican Island?

kamakaz3md3614d ago

they gotta try anything to sell this POS game. If you buy MW3 ur a fool. Yes, im on the B3 wagon, why you ask? Simply because the game looks far more impressive. Flat out

RyuCloudStrife3614d ago (Edited 3614d ago )

MW3 FTW. Suck it hater.

@thelogicking below:

Yeah, then they got the nerve to say that CoD players are immature but they show otherwise every time a CoD article surfaces...

bwazy3614d ago

Your not even Bill Nye, let alone a real science guy.

Zanarkand3614d ago

A fool -that you are, my friend.

thelogicking3614d ago

am just sick of those haters!
if you like BF3 more than mw3 then good for you.
but spamming every mw3 articles shows how just some fanboys are insecure about their favorite game.

kamakaz3md3614d ago

its just so annoying they show MW3 at E3 and it looked like add on content for cod4. People ate that BS up lol. Yes tho, if u like B3 good for you, if you like cod then... i feel sorry for you. I played every single cod. After 4 it was downhill from there, smdh

theonlylolking3613d ago

Youtube videos, forums, N4G, etc... are filled with BF fanboys or trolls just attacking COD.

Then most BF trolls or fanboys say that there are tons of COD trolls but in reality there are almost none. Even in BF videos and articles BF fanboys are attacking COD. Just play your game and stop attacking another game so much.

BF trolls are the worst. Why cant you BF fanboys accept that a worse series is selling better and has more annoying players than COD games?

Just in case you were wondering, I like the battlefield series more but this COD hate is going over board and BF fanboys are going nuts now that BF3 is coming out.

kamakaz3md3613d ago

as if cod fans didnt attack back lol. The reason why B3 fans are attacking more harder is because we know the game is far more superior and we want to prove it.

sackb0y3614d ago

I would rather have tritton for a cod headset again. Turtle Beach is just to fragile and has weak speakers.

Cpt_kitten3614d ago

throat mics cause those things are terrible and sound like a tin can?

makes sense since activision is cheap

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