Xbox 360 Title is Number 2 in Japan, 360 sales on par with PS3

Translated from Famitsu source:

Software sales:
1. Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)
2. Ace Combat 6 (360)
3. FFTA2 (DS)
4. Nishimura Kyoutarou suspense: trap of murderous intent (DS)
5. Super Robot Wars Scramble Comander 2nd (PS2)
6. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon (DS)
7. DS complete literature works (DS)
8. Wii Sports (Wii)
9. Wii Play (Wii)
10. Ar tonelico 2 (PS2)

Hardware sales:
Wii : about 40k
PS3 : about 16k
PS2 : about 10k
360 : about 16k

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MK_Red4125d ago

Great to see 360 games finally selling in Japan. Hopefully they start buying more next-gen systems instead of DSs and Wiis.

ItsDubC4125d ago (Edited 4125d ago )

"Hopefully they start buying more next-gen systems instead of DSs and Wiis."

Wow, talk about hate. Whatever happened to ppl liking and disliking games instead of platforms?


Anyway, AC6 looks like a great title and Japan obviously thinks so.

MK_Red4125d ago

Well, to play games, they must first buy the consoles. But agree that in the end, games should sell. Let's hope for better sales of next-gen games and hardware.

DethWish4125d ago

Mario galaxy = True "Next gen" Imo, if there's such a thing :)

unlimited4125d ago

they finally sold over 2k dont see it continuing to sell 16k..

DG4125d ago

Well our asian friends like them sum AC6 and who can blame them its an amazing game! Red Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep. KABOOOOOM! I love it.

Sam Fisher4125d ago (Edited 4125d ago )

tsh tsh tsh, Sony. even drake of the 99 dragons is better than u and that means ALOT

link -

4 those who dont no bout the game heres the rating and the review
...WAITB3YOND... ...abysmal...

shmee4125d ago

The x360 sales boost was due to

AC 6
FORZA 2 and VIVA PINATA bundled with every x360
a 5000 YEN price cut

it all comes down to normal next week ehrn the 40 gig PS3 is launched

I expect PS3 to outsell wii next week.

I am anticipating ps3 to outsell x360 this week too when Mediacrate numbers come out.

I predict 18k--22k ps3 and 14k x360s last week

MANTIIS4124d ago

1 and a half million PS3's (and rising) against 460,000 360's (and declining) in Japan indicates the real message about the state of the 360 in Japan, not how a Japanese 360 game fares. 360 is spit on in Japan, and everyone knows this.

Gizmo_Logix4124d ago

Hmmm, I wonder how well Ace Combat 6 will do compared to Halo 3? Ha ha ha ha!

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predator4125d ago

would you look at that 360 hardware sales are on par with ps3 in japan, spank a monkey and call it wonda, who would of thought that

MK_Red4125d ago

I'm Sony fan but that's the biggest sign of Sony's ignorance: EXCLUSIVES

It's power of the exclusives (Specially 3rd party exclusives) that Sony forgot. PS2 became PS2 with help of many 3rd part exclusives from Capcom, Konami, Koei and this Namco.

If a single 360 exclusive from Namco could do such things in Japan, imagine the how much exclusives like BioShock and Dead Rising have helped 360 in the rest of the world.

But really, this is great news to see Japanese gamers finally buying a great game console. Hope sales of both PS3 and 360 rise in Japan as well as rest of the world.

Kleptic4125d ago

that is what everyone has been saying since the is what wins the console war...SCE has done that 2 generations and counting by a landslide...but really dropped the ball, at least for the beginning of this generation...

the rumors I heard was it was Kutaragi snubbed some third party deals, deeming them not necessary (and he is no longer around)...and the late SDK's are what truely put ps3 3rd party titles on the back burner...

idk...I wouldn't say I am a Sony fan exactly...I have just always been a fan of their first party content...this is the first time however that I prefer the system over everything else...its my strong opinion that the PS3 is the "best" system...and by best, I simply mean it has the most features that I find useful...the open nature (and free) of the PSN...the BD drive...the included HDD, which is swappable with any 2.5" SATA unit...the bluetooth, the mass storage USB protocols...keyboard/mouse support, with browser...its all stuff I simply can't live without any more...I am not getting into the power of the 360 or PS3...they are both acceptable in my book...both have some and are getting more unbelievably good looking games...and the actual on paper performance of a console has never decided anything in the console war anyway...I bought the PS3 first because of proven franchises that I have always enjoyed exlusive to the platform...and a lot of those are 1st party...

in either case...It is great to see MS maybe start to insert one hook into Japan...more competetion in every territory is great for everyone...they still have a ways to go to get any sort of significant hold on the market...but its at least a wake up call to Sony to start getting some 3rd party content back...

predator4125d ago

to the two above, exactly, the reason the ps2 was a runaway success was because of software, Xbox 1 was more powerful but didn't match the ps2 anywhere near its software, people want to have a good libary of games to choose from good or bad, off all genre. ms have nailed it this time when sony was bein a bit to up them selfs for its own good.

Bladestar4125d ago

ohh crap... Sony's fanboys worst nightmare all in 1 day... 1) PS3 40GB SKU 40% failure rate and 2) the XBox 360 beating PS3 in japan...
how worst can it get... anyways.. if true.. I don't think it will last too long.. but it's good to see that if the xbox 360 releases the right games even japan will buy it.

bootsielon4125d ago

"If true, I don't think it'll last long". I'm talking about the failure rates here. But anyway, the keywords here are "If true", not "I don't think it'll last long.

unlimited4125d ago

huh? i think is BS about the failure rate..its not

n4gno4125d ago

Ridiculous xbot, japanese are simply waiting for the price cut
(and 40 % is a unique microsoft feature)

CrazzyMan4125d ago

anyway, if even x360 outsell ps3, by how much? by 3% ? LOL. =))
how many times japan console PS3 outsold american console x360 in USA? and not by 3%. =))

karlostomy4125d ago

That is not even worth replying to.

..oh wait.


DG4125d ago

Is that Hitler holding a PS3 LOL. So are you implying that Sony are some Natzis? LOL

karlostomy4125d ago

The avatar is a bit of a joke spoofing Ken kutaragi. Of course the original pic is Ken holding a PS3 when he launched it and did his best to smack-talk the 360. I reckon Ken is a bit of a loony. So now it's Adolf holding a PS3.

I was hoping to get some laughs.
But most people don't get it.
Some sad, lost souls have called me a racist for it. Oh dear...
Still, DG, glad it made you LOL

sjappie4125d ago (Edited 4125d ago )

I think this trend will continue, maybe not as much as last week, but 360 is definately gaining momentum in Japan.

Crazzyman, it is what it is, no need for being all defensive.