Vgcharts NA hardware and Software sales week ending November 3rd, GH III takes 4 of the top 5 Spots


X360 Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock 798,671
Wii Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock 271,053
PS2 Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock 254,596
Wii Wii Sports 146,934
PS3 Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock 113,040
X360 Halo 3 88,586
X360 TimeShift 78,195
Wii Wii Play 77,184
X360 Naruto: Rise of a Ninja 71,233
PS2 Manhunt 2 57,894


Wii 146,934 (+7%)
X360 138,778 (+2%)
DS 136,589 (-1%)
PSP 80,328 (+7%)
PS3 55,446 (+26%)
PS2 39,644 (+13%)
GBA 15,505 (+5%)
GC 457 (-3%)

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Zhuk4090d ago

Yet another multiplatform release where the Xbox 360 destroys their competition. It's no wonder why Konami wants MGS4 on the 360 and Square wants FFXIII on the 360, because they know that they will sell most on 360

Ashta4090d ago

Where is the door that leads to your simple world and where can I find it?

lawman11084090d ago

POW!!!!!!!!! you just got the smack down Sony.........DANG

rubarb234090d ago

lol, dude that was some funny sh!t. bubbles for you man.

ruibing4090d ago

Umm, not that I trust vgchartz that much (but now that NPD is gone, I guess we'll have to), didn't the new hardware charts show that the ratio is only 5:2 now?

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BLaZiN PRopHeT4090d ago

looks like good news for all 3 consoles.

Meus Renaissance4090d ago

Sales for Ratchet that week. What is wrong with these people? Price drop and a great game, even those who already have the console should be atleast interested. It's a fantastic game.

45,000 in a week is bad especially as it sold double that during its release window. That doesn't make sense.

lawman11084090d ago (Edited 4090d ago )

Or HS? or WARHAWK? ok Lair is crap and HS is short but nice looking game unlike WH which is fun but looks bad. R&C is looked on as a CHILDS game nobody will spend $60 bucks on a game they think is for kids. I will get it when its about $29 which at this rate should be in a month.

ActionBastard4090d ago (Edited 4090d ago )

A 26% increase versus a 2% increase is significant. Like all R&C games, it will be a slow burn. The hardware is selling...well. he PS3's sales increases week after week, while the competition's increase is so minimal, it's laughable.

jackfatal4090d ago (Edited 4090d ago )

about ps3 for this holiday season!!
it some months for good news of a console reach parents and to stick in people mind!! ratchet and the price drop happened just few days ago!! but with more games things will change and from now on ps3 will have more great games!!

but 26% increase still shows something and i predict for ps3 sale just to increase from now on and 360 will maintain the sales until the end of the year!! i wouldnt be surprised if i see ps3 sale somewhere in december is near x360!!

PS360PCROCKS4090d ago

I'm sorry but you idiots need to be kicked "a 26% increase is a good thing!" it JUMPED to 55,000 consoles, that's almost 1/3 of what the 360 sold. Hell a 100% increase wouldn't have the PS3 selling as much as the 360. Yes an increase is a good thing, but it's still not selling very well.

ceedubya94089d ago

The R&C series of games have always been really good. The thing is that the series has never been a mover of systems, and there was no reason to think that it would be now. It doesn't help that the install base for the PS3 is so low at this point. Despite how good it is, the game is not everyone's cup of tea. And some people may be turned off by the cartoon-like visuals, which is really sad if that's the case.

Guitar Hero 3 on the 360 just murdered every other version of the game. Surprisingly, once again a next gen version of a game for the 360 beat out a PS2 version of the same game. As far as multiplatform games go, its going to be interesting to see how the rest of the multiplat games turn out for the rest of the year. 3rd party games have always kept consoles afloat, and right now the 360 seems like the safe better for 3rd party software sales.

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MK_Red4090d ago

Wow, 360 GH3 sold 700k! Seriously impressive. Also glad to see Manhunt 2 having a rather strong debut even though I hate it's censored version.

Funky Town_TX4090d ago

yet no one buys them. Come on guys get off the net and go support Sony. Buy some PS3 games.

Drillin4090d ago

That makes no sense at all. Support Sony? While I agree PS3 software sales are horrid but why support a company? So pay $60 for games to support a company where you will not get any money back. They will not send you a fruit basket or anything.. Try being a gamer and not a company fanboy. People should buy games to enjoy and have fun not to support a company.

CrazzyMan4090d ago (Edited 4090d ago )

TimeShift - 78,195
Naruto: Rise of a Ninja - 71,233 -> great game? didn`t even made 100k in first week with 8,3 mln. users.
The Simpsons Game - 47,685
Ace Combat 6 - 45,089 -> same as Ratchet, but with 8,3 mln. users.
Virtua Fighter 5 - 38,122 -> this just a lol with 8,3 mln. users.

Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction - 44,548, now multiple this number to 4, with 8 mln. ps3 it would be around 200k on 2nd week, and around 400k on first week.

BLaZiN PRopHeT4090d ago (Edited 4090d ago )

@5.2 i guess you just ignored the almost 800k copies of GHIII?

LoL how are you gonna X it by 4? you can assume all you want but you dont know if it woulda sold more copies if the install base was bigger.

jcgamer4090d ago (Edited 4090d ago )

Let me make a quick mention of The Simpsons Game...EA TV advertised The Simpsons Game using the PlayStation brand as the LEAD platform (PS3, PS2, PSP) in the US....they didn't even mention the 360 or Wii versions in the ads and put a PlayStation 3 logo and chime at the end...funny, because the 360 version outsold all three PlayStation platforms COMBINED...the Wii version outsold them as well (but not combined) how big is the PS2+PSP+PS3 install base? Don't answer that...

waldopepper4090d ago

"do xbots buy something apart FPS? =)"
Um yes, it's right there at the top of the charts: X360 Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock 798,671 units sold.

Well ignored!

TruthBTold4090d ago (Edited 4090d ago )

bought it when it dropped to 499.00, since then I have purchased RFoM, HS, Warhawk, and FIFA 08. And I have been coming here and read so many smart postings but most of them have been dumb fanboy comments. This time I just see how Xbox 360 really do buy more games. And its not about really "supporting" a system ( unless thats why they buy so many games) but having fun with their console. It just makes me wonder why PS3 owners dont buy that many games. The difference is just too big. I know the install base in NA for XBox is greater than PS3 but the the difference is just too much. I have heard many PS3 owners defend their systems and have supported it (without talking bad about the Xbox because its a good system, (enjoy playing it at my best friends house) but I have also heard many people say that they should buy more games to support their reason for defening their console so much. I bought the games i have because I enjoy them. But what about those others that defend it more than their lives and yet dont buy any games. I will probably get disagrees but I am certain it will be from those die hard PS3 fans that while we own same system, I am not stating something positive about the PS3 which even though may be true, is disturbing and offensive to them. I will continue to buy games for my PS3 because I do enjoy it and never regret purchasing it, loved my PS2 which is why I upgraded. Im just saying if you support your system so much, than show it. Dont pick a fight just cause. I cant relate to Xbox because I dont own one. If I did I would probably tell them something too, but I guess its just those people that are stubborn and argue even with facts and not opinions. Gaming used to be fun, now its a competition.

To jcgamer-

You are one those persons I can enjoy reading smart comments from because they are un biased and make sense. Here is to more people like you in this website where we can discuss real things and not argue over insignificant things that fanboys and kids fight over. Keep it up.

Ignorant Fanboy4090d ago

Read the article,

360 outsold the PS3, PS2, and Wii combined!!

And you bring up FPS??

CrazzyMan4090d ago

how pathetic. =]

you are BLIND people, if you don`t see, that OTHER games are NOT selling. =)
yeah, just ignorant fanboys. =))

ONE game sold, FIVE games haven`t sold, YOU DON`T SEE THAT???

waldopepper4090d ago (Edited 4090d ago )

Crazzyman you're just digging yourself into a deeper hole. You completely missed out the highest selling 360 game from the article to try and prove that 360 only buy FPS and now we've pointed it out you're saying 'LOL only 1 out of 5?'?

PS here's a list of non-FPS 360 games that have sold over 1 million copies each:

* Fight Night 3
* Gears of War
* The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
* Crackdown
* Saints Row
* Lost Planet: Extreme Condition
* Dead Rising
* Madden NFL 08
* Dead or Alive 4
* Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter
* Guitar Hero II

In fact out of the 14 titles in the million+ sellers I've only removed 4 FPS from this list!

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