Rumor: Forty per cent failure rate for 40GB PS3

From "Sony appears to be having problems with failure rates on the new 40GB PlayStation 3 model, according to retail sources.

Belgian games retailer Gamesmania has said that while the new 40GB model is selling well, some 40 per cent of the new consoles sold so far have been returned due to hardware defects that result in the console being unable to read Blu-Ray and other discs."

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Neurotoxin4050d ago

LMAO..... Oh the irony if this turns out to be true.

All those fanboys with their Illiterate RROD SuxBox360 and so forth are about to have this thrown in their faces, It truly is sad to be a desperate fanboy.

shmee4050d ago

yea dream on XBOTS cuz false stories are always proven false.

ps3 is stable and doesnt suffer from defections

Chris3994050d ago (Edited 4050d ago )

When no other sites or news-sources have reported anything. It could just be a bad batch if anything at all.

"Shocking-if-true failure rate reported by Belgians", is the the rest of the article's tag line. Please note the "IF-TRUE" section of the title; meaning that this information is not entirely validated. File this under "rumor".

The 'source' article that this posting is referring to can be found here:

A translated version (excuse the grammatical inaccuracies) is as follows:

"Since 10 October 2007 lies the 40GB version of the PlayStation 3 console in the store rack. These is with be €399 the most budgetvriendelijke version of Sony's youngest generation spelconsoles. Sony has been succeeded there after all in to press the production expense of this PS3 and so the glove on to take against Microsoft's Xbox 360 Elite console. Also in Belgium walks the nicely with the sale of the PlayStation 3 40GB, as affirmed a source by store chain Game Mania us.

Unfortunately also the first defective consoles resemble to dive. According to the same source its only gladly 40% of the sold PlayStation 3 40GB consoles defect returned. All contended to play they with problems Blu-ray films off and game disks to read. Or it for this reason an insulated case goes and came is only this store chain in possession from a cargo 40GB's of less quality not at the same time clear. Well one has know by Sony according to the source of these problems and is one possibly on missing to a solution."

I believe the article is commenting on a single batch, localized to one store in one retail chain ONLY - not the entirety of 40 gig PS3s shipped across the world.

Put the champagne away fan-boys and girls, and get your panties back in a twist. Let's all move along to more important matters, like our families or the war in Iraq.

- C

Neurotoxin4050d ago

I cannot believe your actually commenting on this Shmee, i was referring to people like you......

VirusE4050d ago

Nasim/larry007/stuntman/shmee/ whatever you name is this week you are a such a tool. You have gone from 5 bubbles to 1 on 4 different accounts and you still just dont seem to get the fact that no one wants to hear you speak.

jackfatal4050d ago

xbots will come here and say their ps3 is broken down on them just to make the rumors spread!! but fortunately nothing is backing their claims!!

Armyless4050d ago

I doubt this is true, expect to hear a lot more about this soon.

Bleyd4050d ago

would be the smart thing to do IF the failure rate really is over 30% for this console. I hope Sony does the right thing by its customers IF this does turn out to be true. I would hate to see them ignore the problem or just make concessions for it.

dhammalama4050d ago

Forget about it! If a product fails over 20 or 15 percent it should be recalled even 10 percent is atrociously high for an end user product.

I'm not in sales or manufacturing, nor am I well educated in economics, but seriously, if your product is that much of a lemon, you should fix it.

IF this is true and Sony doesn't remedy it quickly, it won't be good for them, to say the least.

unlimited4050d ago

everyone knows this is only a rumor..xbots microsoft cheated u over and have 99 percent defective rate on their 360 get over it..

BrianC62344050d ago

Even the report says hold on. It could be wrong. You Microbabies just love to spread FUD. You get that from Billy Gates I guess. No way is the 40GB PS3 faulty. If it was you'd be hearing about it from all over the world, not just one tiny country in Europe.

gaffyh4050d ago

Even if this is true, which I doubt, it's failure rate isn't 40%, it's 40% Dead On Arrival rate. The hardware hasn't failed, it's faulty to begin with from the sounds of the story. (If that makes sense to anyone)

Bleyd4050d ago

The more it sounds like something bad happened during the shipping of these particular consoles. Were the stock crew in the back of the store playing roller hockey in the warehouse again and happened to knock over a few crates of PS3s? Or did the shipping truck get flipped over and they still tried to make the best of the shipment?

SlappyMcTaint4050d ago

Spreading FUD in every way you can to trash the PS3. You know what, UncleJaysus: FCUK YOU!!! Why don't you crawl back into your hole and play your xbox, instead of spreading FALSE BS here, you PRAT!!

The sad thing is, I'll bet the rest of my xbot-stolen bubbles that the media will jump on this like I'd jump on Jessica Alba! They know 80% of the population are retards and will believe anything if they believe global warming is true.

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MaximusPrime_4050d ago

This doesnt also means 40% failure rate. It means 40% of console sold in Belgium have a problem.

Neurotoxin4050d ago

Yeah i read that, I did read on the official playstation forums that some peeps in the uk were having problems with a similar issue, hopefully it is just localised.

.....Come on though, the irony is almost cosmic. lol

lawman11084050d ago

And had to be sent back to be fixed. All you Sony fanboys like to forget that. I ordered my BR remote from Amazon because thats all my 60 gb ps3 is good for movies and playing OLD ps2 games, and with Sony shipping the 40gb with a C.rap movie and NOT games only shows they are trying to sell BR dvds and NOT games. MS even ships 360 with 2 (TWO) games now.

SlappyMcTaint4050d ago

Typical xbot answer: "Yeah, but my PS2 died." You moron, nobody cares about that -stop steering attention elsewhere, by spouting off useless info from the year 2000.


Zhuk4050d ago

This does not surprise me in the least, especially with Sony's poor track record with the PS1, PS2 and PSP

Neurotoxin4050d ago

All Console Manufacturers have had some issue with their hardware, but i will not, for obvious reasons point out to you the Xact names ;).

Armyless4050d ago

The 5 people left who haven't ignored him are all the worst-of-the-worst xbox trolls skimming this thread as we speak.

Shadow Flare4050d ago

zhuk you absolute tool, the ps3 has a defect rate of below 0.2% (or is it 0.1%?) and Sony has stated its actually the most reliable product they have ever produced, ever. I would submit, that much like the 360, a 1/3 of your brain is defected

SimmoUK4050d ago

lmao this might get ugly it is only BELGIUM though, I think we would of heard something from elsewhere if it was anything serious...

Boink4050d ago

I hope some of the major sites pick this up and try to dig a little deeper to see if this is something localized, or a more widespread issue.

kind of ironic if true though:)