Mass Effect Takes up only 6.74 GB

Team Xbox did get a sneak peek or the main screen on the dev kit and the size of the game is 6.74 GB – well within the contstraints of a dual layer DVD-9. When you see how huge this game is, you'll see that even future iterations like Mass Effect 2 and 3 with their upgrades will not have a problem with disc space.

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Crazyglues3997d ago (Edited 3997d ago )

LOL.... Priceless...

cloud360-7th_account3997d ago

This game is only pssible on DVD and not Blu-Ray.

Only games that have awesome sound and graphics and lenght are possible on Blu Ray

Odion3997d ago

kinda like your 6 hour Heavenly Sword, to my 60 hour Mass Effect?

InMyOpinion3997d ago

"Only games that have awesome sound and graphics and lenght are possible on Blu Ray"

How come Oblivion was possible on both DVD and Blu-Ray?

Where are these Blu-Ray titles you are talking about? I have'nt seen any yet. Guess what. GTA IV fits on DVD as well.

sjappie3997d ago (Edited 3997d ago )

I think he was being sarcastic. Oh, I guess not after reading his 2nd comment.

Crazyglues, thnx for the award, I'm sure I'll find a nice place for it on my mantle.

socomnick3997d ago

Dvd and blueray are both capable storage formats for this generation. Blueray seems to hold more but in reality devs just spread out the files uncompressed onto the ps3 to help with load times because blueray loads so slow.

hazeblaze3997d ago (Edited 3997d ago )

Just wait til you guys play the game and then try comparing the environments and sound to games like Heavenly Sword and Uncharted.

In EVERY vid shown of Mass Effect we've already seen that the environments are pretty bland... even on the ship. The graphics are gorgeous but there's not a lot of detail... and that's the difference.

Not saying it's a bad thing... for a game with as many worlds to explore, it would have taken MUCH longer for them to fill each one up with the level of visual or audio detail of HS, R&C, or Uncharted. I've been saying this for MONTHS... the game looks great & can't wait to play it, but it lacks the detail of a lot of games we've already played. Even Bioshock's level design included more detail than we've seen in any of the ME vids. I still think gameplay can make up for a lack in visual/audio detail but fanboys shouldn't act like the small space is not noticeable in the detail of the game.

Also, when I refer to audio, I am refering to environmental ambience. There's a ton of dialog in the game and the usual combat sound effects. But the other games mentioned include environmental audio for a realistic ambience... may be present on some of the worlds but it hasn't been shown off on any of the vids yet. That's the kind of stuff that gives games more immersion.

EDIT: @GODOFTHUNDER. You're stupid. For one, the PS3 doesn't even cost $600 anymore. Second, it'll be less than $300 in less than 1 years time. And third, games are ALREADY taking advantage of the extra storage space that blu ray offers... of course games on the 360 aren't going to take up extra space... b/c THEY CAN'T. For UBI to say they were having to work to get Assassin's Creed to fit on dvd... it means that it is already an issue. What Mass Effect DOES prove is that a game CAN lack in some areas and still be appealing. And what games like HS, MGS4, Uncharted, & KZ2 show is that games on blu ray will be pushing the level of detail in games far beyond anything we will see on the 360. Own both consoles and quit being a moron.

godofthunder103997d ago

here's proof that dvd-9s are good for games,mass effect have awsome graphics and hours and hours of game play and they didn't use all the dvd-9 but sony fans will say that it's a lie and it used all the space up even with proof.dvd-9 is perfect for games for another 3 to 4 years(i didn't just come up with this it was in pc)so by the time game really need br and hd-dvd the drives will be a lot cheaper and you could buy a system for under $400 with every thing in it including everything that the $600 ps3 had instead of $600 like the ps3.just think if the ps3 last 10 years like sony said (what a joke)then by the time you really need br or hd-dvd then you only have about 2 to 3 years before a new one comes out and you paid $600 for nothing but microsoft did it right they released a system that will last 5 years and every one could afford then it will release one with br or hd-dvd for under $400 so every one could it unlike sony'they forced br on the customers to win the format war not for games like they claimed and if you think about it for a while and be honest instead of bias you will know sony released the ps3 with a price tag that most people want spend on a kids video game system and it hurt them in the long run of the ps3 but it helped them in the format war because without the ps3 then br would've lost already so sony accomplished it's main objective.

rubarb233997d ago

MS is proving that blu ray isn't necessary for games. there is talk that future games may require more space but so far so good for ms i guess.

Evil0Angel3997d ago

made my day.bubble sir+track list

Mu5afir3997d ago

Mass Effect is an RPG, the "actual" gameplay is probably no more then 12 hours long at best. Comparing these two genres is idiotic, pointing to Heavenly Sword, when you could have pointed to R&C etc as examples of more storage used right.. is moronic and fanboyish.

Defending an inferior format, because you own a Xbox 360 and can't afford a HD-DVD / Blu-Ray player is sad.

Mark 13996d ago

@@@______(*) THE BOABY...

gaffyh3996d ago

I'd wait to see how good it actually is, I don't see an RPG like this working, the facial animations are stiff and gameplay looks a little strange.

By the way FFX was also on a DVD, I think it used more space than this (and was as long if not longer), which makes me wonder what the devs have compromised on. Most likely they have completely replaced all FMVs with Cut scenes to cut down on the size (like in MGS series). It looks like it could be a good game, but they should be aiming to use up the full disc capacity.

FreeMonk3996d ago

proves that you don't need a Blu-Ray disc to fit a game that looks and plays amazingly.

The 360 version fits perfectly onto a DVD disc and is 99.9% the same as the PS3 version with 1080p graphics and all, which shell's out a Blu-Ray disc using around 20gb of data compared to the 7gb DVD on the 360. The same probably goes for Assassin's Creed when that gets released.

If Mass Effect is indeed 6.74gb, it just re-confirms that Blu-Ray is still not needed at this present time, especially when the graphics in Mass Effect look amazing and matches any PS3 game out there at the moment, plus runs at nearly 50hrs worth of gameplay.

I'm sure the Sony Fanboys will have something to say about this, so just explain why Bluray is needed for next gen titles??

Mr Bubbles3996d ago

thank god somebody here still has a sense of humor. I realize the irony of me posting this but, I kinda wish that first comment was the only one on this thread. Bubbles for the wit and the quick draw, sjappie!

fusionboxer3996d ago

Ok you can't really say the amount of time you play a game all of a sudden equals the amount of storage space needed or desired. Details such as audio, textures, actual gameplay time, environments and all of that make up the reasoning why developers could use more memory on their discs.

I bet the mass effect dev team would have loved to have extra space regardless of whether or not they did or didn't have it. Hideo Kojima said he wanted more space for games on the ps2 let alone games this generation. Metal gear solid 3 definitely wasn't a 60 hour game yet it used quite of bit of data. I played Monster Hunter freedom 2 for going on almost 400 hours now, but that doesn't mean i'm seeing new environments, gameplay variations or anything like that. I'm basically moving to similar looking places, using familiar fight mechanics, against your basic npc's that other then textures pretty much act the same. This goes for oblivion (regardless of how engrossing and fun it was), your final fantasy's, and even my favorite psp game monster hunter. Mass effect is an RPG with very cool shooter elements and a bit a strategy. It's looking amazing and I never once thought it needed more then a dual layered dvd because the gameplay is seemingly(not sure yet) set in stone. The environments look nice, but aren't the focus because you simply use your vehicle to get around. The characters are definitely the focus here and I really don't expect the rest of the game to match up to the character textures, animations, and interactive dialogue.

Not to sound one sided, but i can see ratchet or heavenly sword needing the extra space because of the amount of textures, physics, size of envrionments, audio, and even AI all working together at once running off a single disc. Those games may not be long, but the scale of everything is simply over the top.

But yes regardless of how you look at it, some games will need extra space, and some won't. Simple as that.

MADGameR3996d ago

As for the idiots trying to bash Blu Ray. MS can do everything right with the 360, they can overhype but the fact is, they will still lose. End of story... soon you will find out. You are just blindly being hyped by DVD9.

Sam Fisher3996d ago

i agree but u got to admit that sony is FAR ahead of its time and thats y its fails so much... but theres way more problems on the ps3 than on the 360 thats 4 sure 4 EX:

link -

godofthunder103996d ago

i'll agree that some games used more then they have on dvd-9 but they could' ve let out some stuff the game didn't even need and on top of that you still have 99% of games that don't need extra space.the person that said the developers wanted more space is wrong because if that's true then why didn't they used all the dvd-9 and the game play on mass effect is a lot more then 11 hrs like one sonyfan is trying to say and the guy that said the xbox 360 already lost doesn't even know what he's talking about because the 360 is still out selling the ps3 and it will out sell the ps3 for christmas to because every one i know is buying a 360 and best buy,circuit city,game stop, and walmart well i live at still have the 60 ps3 because they can't sell them.the guy at best buy asked me if i knew any one that wanted a ps3 to send them their because they can't sell them,they never sold out on the released date and target to still have the 60 ps3s and i asked the guy all the ps3 selling well he said know but the 360 are selling.i know that some sony fans will say that i'm lieing and god knows i wish i could proof it some how because it's the truth because where i live at the ps3 isn't popular, i don't know why.i thought that the ps3 would win the console war when it first came out but now there's no way it will win now.the ps use to be #1 on the release date but it's over a year old and still in third place behind the wii and 360 and they are still out selling the ps3.if the ps3 doesn't win this christmas then it's over for the ps3 and i know that it will loose where i live out just because they never sold out on release date and they never sold out the 60 ps3 when they drop the price because you could buy them any where they sell electronics,a few days ago when i went to game stop they still had about 5 60 ps3s and that when they asked me if i knew anyone that wanted a ps3 to send them there because they can't sell them but the 360 is still selling because he said that parents come in the store and look at the price and buy a wii or the arcade version of the 360.people need to realize that parents buy a game systems for their kids and they get the cheapest one and parents don't worry about the online features because they are not planning to put it on line.

Twist963996d ago

[Regarding PGR4]

"The artists use software application Photoshop to draw the worlds and Maya to build the cities in three dimensions. At the end of the process each city is more than 6.3GB in size, across 10,487 different files. That data is crunched down by a render farm into a size manageable by the Xbox 360. The team even uses pre-production 360s to help export the data. At the end of the crunch a city is only 593MB in size, held in just three different files."

Excellent note about the value of compression. Games will fit on DVD9 for at least another two years. After that we'll go to Digital Distribution. Screw expensive HDDisk formats. Both 360 owners (Tv Shows, Demos, Arcade Games) and PS3 owners (Warhawk) have seen the advantages of Digital Distribution.

Twist963996d ago

Can you try typing in paragraphs?

SlappyMcTaint3996d ago

Holy sh!t, I think I'll go slap yo momma -only 6.74gb?! wow, that's incredible!! How did they do that? OMGbbqSauce!! What will they think of next?

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P4KY B3997d ago

Very impressive indeed.

InMyOpinion3997d ago

The only ones who said space was gonna be a problem this generation were Sony, and look what they know about designing dev-tools. The only thing they are good at is spreading hype and bs. That's what's selling the PS3. People think it's more powerful cause that's what they've been told.

green_ghost53997d ago

By compressing animations and everything else to 1% of it's original size.

Gorgon3997d ago

jenzo, its the same thing with games like Halo and COD4. People just think they are awsome because they've been told so. Every PC gamer is laughing at those games right now. For us its old hat.

dhammalama3997d ago (Edited 3997d ago )

Sony's definitetly not good at making game consoles!!! Name one Sony console that ever did relatively well. . . . oh, never mind.

InMyOpinion3996d ago

I could name a couple of Sony formats that flopped completely if you like? =) How about Betamax, MiniDisc, ATRAC, HiFD, Super Audio CD and UMD?

Only calling MS greedy is funny cause all Sony wants with their new formats is to gain monopoly. They are both as greedy, as are all multinational corporations. It's part of the game.

WilliamRLBaker3996d ago

really? then why did halo 3 outsell every single pc fps in one day? why has it garnerd higher scores then pretty much 95% of them?

why has it reached a media size no pc game has ever seen besides mmo'S?

lol pc gamers are crying and thats a fact.

sticky doja3996d ago

Name one Sony console that hasn't been over hyped by Sony themselves. Every one of their systems has underperformed from what they promised it would be capable of.

dhammalama3996d ago

Still they make good games and I think bluray was a good decision. It's forward thinking and I'm glad I have it. Basically I'm safeguarded from being funked buy the "HDDVD vs. Bluray WAR" because even if bluray doesn't win, my bluray player isn't obsolite. I also think that although sony has a lot invested in the bluray format, the ps3 gives them a perfect digital distrobution base as well. (as long as it sells well)

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TheMART3997d ago

That large universe to explore and not even fill up the complete 8.5 GB DL-DVD.

So now what Sony fangirls, BluRay is soooo needed. Right? For pushing movies and the format indeed. Not for games if well programmed/compressed. That's clear by now.

Bonsai12143997d ago

you know as well as i do that chances are that they'll reuse textures in different colors much like they do in almost every game ever made. its the same for oblivion. they have the same grass, same trees, same people everywhere.

i'm not saying its a bad thing, but its a shortcut devs have been using for ages. see: mortal kombat

Mu5afir3997d ago

It's an RPG, I am pretty sure it doesn't have 60 hours of gameplay.

Close_Second3996d ago

...the same is true for Sony exclusive games like Killzone 2 and GT5. Some images I have seen from both of those games you can see the same texture being re-used many times in a single scene - GT5 especially.

Having more space does not necessarily mean the use of more textures. For one thing, having more textures will result in more time required to develop a game. It also means you need more graphics memory to render the increased number of textures in a single scene.

The Nintendo 64 was stifled because of its low storage capacity. Blu-Ray for this generation is the opposite - its overkill. DVD is still fine even if it means having to split a game across 2 or 3 DVDs.

What should have happened this gen is for the ability to install game content from the DVD onto the HDD. Unfortunately MS have prevented this by releasing its "Core" and also only supplying a 20GB (of which only 13GB approx. is usable) in its "Premium" console.

The PS3 would have been fine with standard DVD for games as long as you could install a game on the HDD like you can with a PC...which as it happens is still using DVD. However, Sony wanted to push Blu-Ray for two reasons:

1. They want the blu-ray format to win.
2. They needed something big to distinguish the PS3 from the 360.

Zhuk3997d ago

Blu-Ray is only necessary when you make a games console and pack it in with a ridiculously slow drive from a half dead format that actually needs to continuously replicate data across the disc or if you want to pointlessly add audio in 10 different languages and not encoding it

techie3997d ago (Edited 3997d ago )

You know that's not true. The Xbox drive reads doublelayer dvd's at 8x, and the 2x read rate of Blu-rays is faster than that.

Bioware did say that they were thinking they'd have to put it on two dvd's, but worked very hard to get it on one dvd. Surprised they took it so far, I expect it's because of extras.

Zhuk3997d ago

"According to comments made by Bethesda's Todd Howard in the latest issue of EGM, the development team is using extra space on the Blu-ray disc to duplicate crucial data and improve load times. "Drive speed matters more to me [than capacity], and Blu-ray is slower," Howard told EGM"

"Overall, we know that the Xbox 360 drive reads data faster than PS3's. While the Blu-ray drive might consistently read data at the same speed, the 360 drive is faster at reading data on the outer layers of the DVD disc; and that's were devs tend to put the biggest files."

TheMART3997d ago

As far as I know the 360 uses DVD players at 12 x speed and IS proven faster then the PS3 BluRay reading in multiple games (multiplatform) comparison. That's why they use the HDD install on the PS3 so much. To speed up for the slow BR player.

InMyOpinion3997d ago

Jason Booth from Harmonix stated the same thing in his blog.

I believe them more than I believe some delirious fanboys on this site.

Bonsai12143997d ago (Edited 3997d ago )

shall i dig up that article that states that 360's dvd drive only spins at 12x at the outer rim, and progressively slows to 1.x times when it reaches the center of the disk? whereas the ps3 drive reads at 2x on every part of the disk. and when averaged, the ps3 drive has a faster data transfer fate.

(actually, i can't find that article. but most people know what i'm talking about. meus, care to pull it up for me? :-p)

thanks vip3r

Vip3r3997d ago

It's been said over and over again.

2x Blu-ray Drive (72Mbps(9MB/s))
Single Layer (2x CLV) - Constant Linear Velocity (Same speed across entire disk)
Double Layer - Couldn't find any data but no games have been released on a double layer yet.

Entire Blu-ray Disk is read at 9MB/s.

12x DVD-Rom Drive SL (9.25MB/S-15.85MB/s(AVG ~8x(10.57MB/s) DL (4.36MB/s-10.57MB/s(AVG ~6x(7.93MB/s)
SL(DVD-5) 12x Max (5-12x Full CAV) - Constant Angular Velocity (Speed Varies from edge to edge)
DL(DVD-9) 8x Max (3.3-8x Full CAV) - Constant Angular Velocity (Speed Varies from edge to edge)

SL DVD is 1.57MB/s > SL Blu-ray
DL DVD is 1.07MB/s < SL Blu-ray

Seeing that Mass Effect will be on a DL DVD it mean that BDs will be faster a loading.

Zhuk3997d ago

"Overall, we know that the Xbox 360 drive reads data faster than PS3's. While the Blu-ray drive might consistently read data at the same speed, the 360 drive is faster at reading data on the outer layers of the DVD disc; and that's were devs tend to put the biggest files."

techie3997d ago (Edited 3997d ago )

Single layer the 360 drive reads at 12x, double layer it reads at 8x. FACT.

Blu-ray read speed is above the lowest read speed of a single layer DVD (outer rim), but below the fastest 12x (inner rim), but it is faster than the 8x it is to read a double layer DVD. FACT.

Honestly it doesn't matter. I mean Uncharted uses the HDD so there's NO loading throughout the whole game. So I just wanted to point out your stupid comment, and maybe you learnt something. Both drives are very capable.

skagrerrrr3997d ago (Edited 3997d ago )

so that why the 7200 rpm hdd gives a data transfer boost

all that aside... Great work, bioware!

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cloud360-7th_account3997d ago



Depending on the Questns you answer depened on the scenes, and thats replay for the game

jaja14343996d ago

As opposed to what? The whole point of replayability is to get a different experience then what you did last time. And least I be mistaken taking a different conversation path which in turn could lead to a completely different story is a different experience. So really. Know what, I'll just skip to the end and call you an idiot.