Top Ten Great Gaming Ideas That Ultimately Failed

Stephen Kelley of gamrFeed: "With all the exciting new gadgets on the horizon, such as the Wii-U and the PlayStation Vita, one has to remember all the failed technology that made modern gaming the way it is now. Will the ingenious screen on a controller of the Wii-U, or a back touch screen on the Vita be successful, or will these technologies be on a similar list a few years from now? Some technologies look bad at first, yet somehow come back. Take the motion control peripherals of today and compare them to their failed forefathers such as the Nintendo Power Glove and the Sega Activator. What about a camera based game like Kinect? It’s a long way from the lukewarm reaction to the original EyeToy. The following list contains ten innovative gaming technologies that, while popular at the time, ended up as novelties or luxuries and floundered completely. This is the top ten great gaming ideas that ultimately failed, in no particular order. "

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bwazy3738d ago

Goombas smell like shrooms brah.

DJMarty3737d ago

@Wuu - There research sucks,Nintendo had nothing to do with the actual Power glove. Mattel made it,licensed 3rd party device. And as for the quotes like 'lukewarm reaction to the original EyeToy', it sold over 10million. if that lukewarm then Kinect is a failure also.

The so called journalist over as VGChartz are toal fanboys. And spout alot of bullshit, rather than research before they write an article.

Wuu3737d ago

I dont care about top's and fanboy bullshit. Hadn't heard of most of these things before, thats all.

CNXN3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

I remember the e reader lol.. I bought it because one of my friends said i could use it to transfer my pokemon cards into ruby and sapphire... which i figured out you couldnt after I had bought it it was an interesting idea though.

Also iSmell needs to exist again...Other than the gross stuff The smell of napalm in the morning would be sweeeeeeeeeet!

Pikajew3737d ago

I want to smell Wario with the iSmell

f7897903737d ago

There was one barcode scanning game that even looking back on, was fairly decent. "Scan Command: Jurassic Park" had you scan barcodes to get tetris shapes that you would use in your Dinosaur's DNA. The shapes had stats and would effect your dinosaurs fighting skills.

I scanned SOOOOO many things to fill out the abilities but I eventually ran out of unique barcodes which it kept track of. Then I found if you kept scanning denim jeans, it would eventually see some random barcode. :P

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