The First 10 Minutes: Call Of Duty 4

As the game just went out in the USA and is about to be released elsewhere, here come the 10 first minutes of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. The video, taken from the Xbox 360 version, features the tutorial of the game as well as the well known first mission on the big boat. promises more game play videos to follow quickly, as usual.
Second video is online. Disturbing in-game cut scene, quite awesome as an introduction to the game.

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Crazyglues4090d ago (Edited 4090d ago )

Then something is wrong. Because this game should be at the top of your games I must have list.

It's amazing, and I'm loving the multi-player. They touched something up from the beta and it's just more fun then halo 3's multi-player. -Everybody online is loving it.

Stop reading these reviews and stuff and just go get the game. It's a must have for a next gen system. This is everything you have come to expect from next get and then some.

I guess you'll see me online Unless I see you first. - Ha.. Ha.. because I shoot first, ask questions Later.. COD4 is the Best you will Love it...

X B O X 3 6 0 or P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

Either way it's game of the Year

sjappie4090d ago

is that I have to wait till friday, when it comes out in Europe.

iNcRiMiNaTi4090d ago

hands down the best game ive played this year so far...halo what? the only problem i have is that the game seems to be pushing the 360 to the limit and im hearing crazy noises when playing the SP campaign, and i already got like 4 disc read errors after only 1 day of playing. i bought the game new and factory sealed too, and my 360 just came back from repairs last month and its one of the newer 360s...i dont have these problems in MP, maybe SP is taxing the 360 too much.....either way the game is awesome....MUST BUY IMMEDIATELY

i love how you unlock weapons as your ranks progress and the perks are pretty cool, i usually go with UAV jammer, special grenades, and deep impact

Zhuk4090d ago

Only Xbox 360 offers gamers the most complete version of CoD 4: Modern Warfare, with its superior, crisper and clearer graphics, the award winning Xbox 360 controller, Xbox 360 achievements and the award winning Xbox Live service with Matchmaking and Trueskill it is easy to see why gamers will be purchasing the Xbox 360 version of CoD 4 in droves, there is no doubt that it will be the no.1 selling CoD 4 SKU these holidays

sjappie4090d ago

the 360 contoller and online and stuff, but what you said about the graphics is bull. They're the virtually the same, now drop it, it's getting frustrating.

Neurotoxin4090d ago

Game looks Great cannot wait to buy it, uk dates this friday.

Zhuk you talk a load of fanboyish nonsense, the game is the same on both PS3 & Xbox. You and the Power of Green should pair up.

power of Green 4090d ago

Shut your stupid ass up You know how much sh*t I got for saying it wasn't going to be any different when rabid Sony fanboys were running around saying the PS3 version was better.

UnblessedSoul4090d ago

Lol @ Zhuk I think he's lost

TheMART4090d ago

Why are so many people reacting, but not approving???

Crazyglues4090d ago

I guess they just don't like me anymore... Oh well, I'm off to go play COD4- Hope to see you guys ( users) online in some Multi-player action.

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