The Darkness Interview: PS3 To Get Extra Content

During an interview, lead designer Jens Anderson had several things to say about the PS3 and the Xbox 360. According to Anderson, while the 360 has the lead on the user base, he thinks that by the end of it, the user base will be bigger on the PlayStation3. He adds that he also thinks that by early next year, the 360 will still have a "a pretty good slot coming out."

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kingboy5867d ago

good ,can`t deny a little extra stuff..themart ,start flamming...

TheMART5867d ago

You can have some extra video and CGI my friend, I'll take the best gameplay and AI ingame. Ok I think we made a nice, friendly agreement didn't we?

achira5867d ago

the mart you are a poooooor lemming !!! loooool

HiSpeedSoldier615867d ago

DAMN!! the game isn't even OUT yet and TheMart already knows that the 360 version will have superior AI and gameplay. Damn man, why don't you inform me on tomorrows lotto numbers while your at it!!! your a freaking genius (, not really, just stupid)

G_CodeMonkey5867d ago

Unless they're averse to making $$$. gCM

ElementX5867d ago

So maybe they fit another level or two on the BlueRay. I couldn't care less. It will probably be a "making of" feature, which I never watch anyway.

Anerythristic265867d ago

I read the article and you know what I think ? I think that that man actually said NONE of those things , notice the lack of quotes. I think an unpaid writer for a PS3 site actually bent his words and meaning to fit the article.

kingboy5867d ago

extra content is better than non hate it or love it

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The story is too old to be commented.