Take 2 refuses to pinpoint GTA IV release

Strauss Zelnick, chairman of Take 2, has refused to narrow down a release period for Grand Theft Auto IV, saying the publisher won't commit until it's "utterly convinced" the game is ready.

"We know it's highly anticipated. Right now our view is to put out a high quality title and we're not in the business of disappointing investors."

Zelnick said that any concerns that the initial delay had caused it to miss the Christmas sales period have been alleviated, as GTA IV is a "must-have" title, able to take advantage of a bigger installed base of consoles in the New Year.

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mighty_douche3997d ago

maybe its not quite as close to being finished as i thought.

oh and let me guess, this is the ps3's fault right? sure thats what people will say...

sooner or later, when it drops, its gonna drop BIG!

dale13997d ago

do you think there might be a ps2 version of sorts for the new slim console coming out

mighty_douche3997d ago

i doubt it. maybe 6 months after release. but probably not.