The Ten Best Penny Arcade Comics From the Last Decade

Bright Hub writes: "For nearly ten years, Mike and Jerry of Penny Arcade have brought us the adventures of their alter egos Gabe and Tycho. Our list of their greatest hits examines not only the funniest and best comics, but also the overall effect Penny Arcade has had on gamers and the industry."

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Muckbeast3738d ago

Awesome story and great choices for comics.

TJSonntag3738d ago

I love Penny Arcade! I don't always get it, though, especially if they're talking about a game I haven't played.

xabmol3738d ago

Love Penny arcade!

This is one of my favorites:

Xof3738d ago

Last 10 years?

I haven't read a funny PC comic in at least the last 4.

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