Warhawk: Has the PS3 discovered multiplayer perfection?

PlayTM writes: "WarHawk did not start life as a purely multiplayer title, indeed there was a singleplayer campaign but as development went on this was sadly lacking in comparison to the online experience. So focus was switched to the mulitplayer and making this as good as it possibly could be; in my humble opinion it has come pretty close to perfection. I've not been a huge fan of shoot 'em ups online, previous attempts ending in sour frustration as more often than not you come up against dedicated fans that have honed their skills so superbly that the simple task of staying alive can become an unwelcome chore, but not any longer."

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StrboyM4051d ago

yes it has, I cannot believe that my gameplay is so varied, of course this will be different from player to player, but there are some rounds where i never touch a warhawk because i feel the ground game is more-so required, and other times where all i do is fly. my ststs are very well balanced and i can see where i need improvement. the game lacks more modes and 2 more maps would make it perfect. but in its current condition i cant stop playing so i know its an almost perfect game.

Canidae4051d ago

I can't wait until next month when they add the drop ships. That is going to turn an already insane and hectic game even crazier. Plus if I am correct they will also be adding the extra maps and a couple of new weapons as well next month. Going to be a sweet holiday season for gamers.

Apocwhen4051d ago

Will these new features be added for free or do you know if they have to be purchased from the PSN Store

Kleptic4050d ago

the content of the booster pack has yet to be confirmed...GI ran an article claiming it to have new maps and a dropship...and Jobe didn't deny it, he just said there would be announcement made and some testing screens of the pack...

price/free hasn't been confirmed yet either...however if I was Dylan Jobe, I would request to SCE to make it free simply out of fear of assasination in the event they charged for it...the bugs we put up with for the first two months of this game won't go forgotten until some free content is delivered imo...

great game arcade'ish warfare game ever made...and holds a spot right alongside CoD 4 as the best online games of the year...

dfcm20034051d ago

I agree, The only thing I would like to see 3 things.

1. a trainer mode... took me forever to realize those missile will lock on. LOL

2. The option to spawn with a weapon of choice. I hate to have to hunt for a sniper rifle or missile launcher.

3. More Maps, I would like to see some kind of city maps, like BF2 have be able to get in windows and snipe

But these are really minnor, the Game is great....

Apocwhen4051d ago

Guess I'm not the only one lol. I was getting annoyed with the game at the start because any time I took to the sky in a warhawk I wouldn't be off the ground 2 seconds and I'd have missile locks on my tail. I kept asking myself how the hell are people locking onto me.

I only found out how to lock on with Missles the other day.

I didn't know you could spawn with a weapon of choice, how do I do that?

I also only found out how to voice communicate (L3). They should really revise the manual that comes with the hard copy of the game you buy because there was no mention of this in mine.

I was frustrated with the game at the start because it took me a while to find out what all the controls and weapons were but now that I've had more time with it it's slowly becoming addictive

Bits-N-Kibbles4050d ago

You can't spawn with a weapon of choice, except the pistol and 2 grenades, but if you can back to where you were killed you can get all your stuff back unless some one already took it...

If you get locked on right away with a missile in a warhawk, just hit right and then L1, that will disperse the debree and make the missiles miss, or you can double tape R2 for boost (blue flame) and use the right analogue to do some flips

Some other things it took me a while to learn:
L2 and R2 with a turn of the steering will create a power slide
mines do not explode on your own teammates or yourself
and you can throw mines on vehicles and create a suicide bomber and you or the person driving it will suffer too (this is also good for traps)

The_Engineer4051d ago

but I sure have alot of fun when I play this game.

Skerj4051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )

I wanna get back in but I'm waiting for 1.2 because of the asshats in invisible tanks. Didn't bother me at first, I'd just roam the map until I find them and kill them. But trying to defend the flag only to get killed by someone glitching who isn't even around, well that sucks. That said, this game is wickedly balanced. You always feel powerful and effective but never invincible.

Hell I took out a tank circle strafing with a flame thrower, if he'd have gotten a shot off I'd have been dead. I saw my friend take down a warhawk that was following him with a sniper rifle right after another friend and I were discussing if it was possible to do so easily. I can't wait for the carrier which will rock as long as someone doesn't load a bunch of us up then suicide crash into the enemy base without telling us a la Tribes/Battlefield. Now how aboot some more maps Incog?

mighty_douche4051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )

...some new maps would be sweet. id like more ground based ones tho, im not so much into the planes.

EDIT: oh thanks below, i didnt know it was called warhawk, i thought it was warJeep. noob, i realise that its about planes, but its also about jeep, tank, running, capturing points (which are on the GROUND)

i PERSONALLY prefer not to use that planes, im allowed my opinions.

Odion4051d ago

the game is called Warhawk, its about planes!

Skerj4051d ago

Yeah I was hoping for a 2 seater motorcycle for flag running and recon. Super fast and just as fragile to stop people from running to it unless they reaally know how to drive it. The jeep is cool though when fully seated with a good driver it's capable of standing against everything that comes at it for a bit. Maybe a mobile armory would be cool to support the lines in Zones and when capturing more bases.

chasegamez4051d ago

warhawk is the best online game out
bottom line
its better halo1,2,3 ,Half Life 2
Rainbow Six: Vegas, Ghost Recon

Odion4051d ago

ok there little fella, Warhawk is in the top tier of his MP type, open battlefield games, but its not the best MP game, and against normal people you'll never convince them of otherwise.

mesh14051d ago

war hawks is not even close the planes serve as transport to 1 place t another actually enjoying throw fun game play with the warhawks sucks this game is not close and this coming from a playstaion site .

Skerj4050d ago

LMAO did you just say the Warhawks only serve as a transport from one place to another? You sir have never played Warhawk thus you can't say what does and what doesn't in the game. Sheesh kids these days.

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