Tekken 5 online hits PSN tomorrow

The online version of Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection will finally launch on the UK PSN tomorrow.

Even though T5 on PS3 is just a (relatively low-detail) port of the PSP game, the release of the online component makes it the first Tekken game to allow fans to kick long-distance snot out of each other via the internet.

The fully-online game will cost £14.99 when it goes live tomorrow, but, ironically, if you're interested you should get the offline version now, which costs £6.99 and buy the online component tomorrow for £3.49 (saving you £4.51).

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iilluminate4091d ago

I've been really enjoying Tekken so far, this will add another dimension.

Wonder if Tekken 6 will have online play as standard?

LSDARBY4091d ago

Yeah Tekken 6 is online out the box

MaximusPrime_4091d ago

3.49 GBP - good price. im glad i still got tekken.

predator4091d ago

right im not bashing at all cos ive got tekken 5 on psp, and intend on getting a ps3, so let me get this right - namco are charging u £3.49 to go online with a game that should of been online in the first place, why hasnt there been an uproar about this?

mighty_douche4091d ago

so it never had online feature. still i get your point, but at the time it cost me £6 i think, 6 quid for tekken with 40 player in 1080 is defiantly worth that, with or without online.

but ive been waiting for this update for months so its all good for me! buy it, ill kick your ass.

Hades13374090d ago

The patch also adds survival and practice modes as well as online play, which is a good deal for £3.49. Even people that pay £14.99 for the whole package are still getting a good deal.

acetw1n4091d ago

not to bash but , whats up with that,I mean really ,that make no sense at all,look foward to playing you guys

mighty_douche4091d ago

best news all day! been waiting soooo long for this!

anyone wanna match?

PSN ID.... Mighty_Douche

bring it on!

Skerj4091d ago

I'm on as SKeRJ, I'm up for a match sometime.

mighty_douche4090d ago

the more fresh meat the better!

lol im not actual that good so i guess the new practice mode will come in handy to!

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