Guild Wars 2- SDCC 11: Swinging Engineer Walkthrough (Cam)

An overview of playing as the Engineer class in Guild Wars 2

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nightmarex1213749d ago

Man can't wait for this, i just hope i can run it.

_LarZen_3749d ago

Anyone know when this is coming? It's looking realy good, tho I cant say I think the engineer class should be in this game...

Shani3747d ago

Most probably early to mid 2012.
Beta will be end of 2011.

a08andan3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

Look at that frickin' draw distance O.o The world seems a bit empty though, only at 1:53 so far though so :)

Edit: Water looks really nice!! Reflections and shadows in the water! and Underwater combat looks sweeeeet!

divideby03749d ago

cant wait for this game. I picked up the GW trilogy last year for 15 bucks brand new at BB. NO monthly fees..I dont know how they are gonna pull this off.. Kudos to the developeres

Zephyrus343749d ago

This game is gonna be awesomeee! It'd be nice if battles were a little more fast pace to get you going. Excited nonetheless!

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