Starhawk Easter Egg - Redeem Your Free Starhawk Limited Edition Theme Right Now

Net Media Now - "You can redeem a "Limited Edition" Starhawk theme through the PSN store."

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BitbyDeath3506d ago

Does not work for me... anyone else get it working?

Criminal3506d ago

Works for me. I think it's North America only.

BitbyDeath3506d ago (Edited 3506d ago )

Yep, you were right. I just used a US account and it worked. Thanks ^_^

Edit: Gave a bubble for the good news

yoge3506d ago

It has sounds awesome!

xtheownerzx3506d ago

going to download this right now :)

baldulf3506d ago

Is it a dynamic theme?

Criminal3506d ago (Edited 3506d ago )

Nope, just a regular theme.

baldulf3506d ago


I'll pass then.

Criminal3506d ago (Edited 3506d ago )


You're welcome.

It's up to you, but you'd lose nothing to download it, I mean you never know, maybe when the game ships, for those who got the "Limited Edition" theme on their hard drives would unlock something, like an avatar.

Just an idea.

NukaCola3506d ago

Theme downloads are Beta entries too.

The home theme was used to enter its beta. I downloaded it because it may register me into the Starhawk beta.

Just a thought.

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The story is too old to be commented.