Suspect In Norway Shooting enjoys World of Warcraft and Modern Warfare 2

On a Facebook account that Norwegian media outlets have attributed to Breivik, he describes himself as having Christian, conservative views. He says he enjoys hunting, the games World of Warcraft and Modern Warfare 2, and lives in Oslo. He also lists political analysis and stock analysis as interests.


I didn't submit this to blame gaming just to let you know that some people in the media might will, and if they find out about "No Russian" all hell might break loose

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bwazy4258d ago

And not a single f*ck was given that day.

MintBerryCrunch4258d ago (Edited 4258d ago )

actually many fucks were given today, the guy killed at least 80 people on the island of Utoya

i dont get what this has to do with gaming, if they are gonna blame games, then they should blame religion as well seeing as how they describe him being a devout christian, plus most believe that he is connected to the explosion that occurred in downtown Oslo

Falloutxii4258d ago (Edited 4258d ago )

Now you want to blame religion.
Stalin and Mao were atheist and responsible for the deaths of millions.

Just saying.

MintBerryCrunch4258d ago

im not blaming anything, but when the article brings up specifically that he enjoyed violent games, then anyone could make an argument as to why he did it,

The bombing put the police in full alert mode, and they all got weapons. So when he showed up at the docks dressed as an police officer and claimed that he was there because of the bombing noone asked questions. When he got to the island he rounded up people, telling people that he was there to brief them on the situation. Then he opened fire.

This is what i got from the info that has been coming out so far:

The island was probably his main target all along and the bombing was an diversion. He is a nazi and hates the imigration policy of the labor party. The labor party was his enemy. Now he's killed off lots of the young people who would take on roles as full party members, and he has probably put people off joining the AUF for a long long time.

The island holds a youth program for future politicians of Norwary

and don't go jumping to conclusions, i'm just saying that there are many double standards that get overlooked when someone goes on a killing spree, gaming is an easy target, and as far as your analogy goes, Hitler was Catholic and he thought that it was his God given duty to exterminate the Jews and all the other non-desirables, it goes both ways

a_bro4258d ago

thanks for explaining to me what actually happened today MintBerryCrunch. that was very informative.

nopunctuation4258d ago (Edited 4258d ago )

"Stalin and Mao were atheist and responsible for the deaths of millions. "

That is such a flawed fallacy. How about you take a look into The Crusades, The Holocaust, Islamist Extremism, Protestant wars, and countless wars in Isreal over a chunk of desert before you say that atheists are to blame for war. War in most cases is caused by religion in one way or another.

Shackdaddy8364258d ago (Edited 4258d ago )


"War in most cases is caused by religion in one way or another."

Not trying to start a religious debate because I absolutely hate those but wars are caused by extremists and intolerance. Not by religion. If it wasn't a religious difference, it would be something else (In fact, during the Holocaust, Hitler massacred the disabled, gays, gypsies, and Black people too). That being said, @422185, Atheism had nothing to do with those deaths.

Falloutxii4258d ago

@ nopunctuation and Shackdaddy836
My point was that religion is not responsible for every crazy lunatic that goes on a killing spree.

nopunctuation4258d ago (Edited 4258d ago )

Extremists use religion to twist its meaning to get people to fight on their side. Convince people that you are a holy warrior of god or something like that and they will do anything for you. This had been going on since civilization first came together. Thats how Osama was able to get people to bomb themselves for his own gain, that is how hitler was able to get the support of his country, and this is how Europe was able to rip itself apart with religious wars for centuries. That is why American colonists fled to the New World and started America in the first place. They wanted a land that was ruled by fair law, not religion because that always leads to extremism and war. It always bugs me how republicans refer to the founding father as god fearing men who built America on christian principles (religiously, they leaned towards Deism but thats another story). The founding father were children of the Enlightenment, which meant they held religion as an afterthough and sought truth through natural laws.

That is not to say that I hate religion altogether, I hate how it is used for war but it does instill a moral code in people that pretty much pulled civilization together in the first place. It just needs to be kept in check and used as a moral guide, not a way to run the world and inhibit scientific progress that has saved humanity in the past 300 years.
@422185 Yeah I agree when its lone killer, its usually because he had some sort of mental disorder. The Columbine guys and the VA tech kid were pretty screwed up in the head and religion had nothing to do with it in that case.

Hellsvacancy4258d ago

I bet he was a pot smoker aswell, us pot smokers get blamed for everythin

NanoSoldier4258d ago

I agree with MindBerry, blaming Gaming for this is wrong.

morkendo4258d ago

if this guy was a devouted christian as he claim NO way satan would been able to enter his mind and attack his mind to cause this guy to sin as bad as he did. anyone in christ jesus IS!!! (born-again) can not,will not kill. if religion in this it is man made religion not HOLY GHOST lead testament of the WORD of GOD. this kid played to many WOW,Call of Duty, Halo,Mass Effect, Battlefield company 2 type devilish games. couple years ago kid in kentucky shot up the court room killing judge,sheriff,police officer,jury. in the report kid (14) claim : thought I was playing call of duty live-action.

Lucreto4258d ago (Edited 4258d ago )

Religion is not always behind these crimes but in this case it was. He was a Christian Fundamentalist according to the news with an anti islamic agenda.

JellyJelly4258d ago

Religion feeds the idea that some are better than others. Some get into heaven, some don't. This leads to separatism and extremism.

tiffac4258d ago

It depends of the people preaching the idea (religion, government etc...) and how the people who listens interpret it.

In the end its all about the individual.

Sabian1874258d ago (Edited 4258d ago )


"I bet he was a pot smoker aswell, us pot smokers get blamed for everythin"

The only thing I can blame on pot smokers is the fact that every time I want to buy a bag of frozen burritos from 7/11, they're all ways gone.

@everyone else commenting on topic.

Religion doesn't kill people.
People kill people.
People say take away guns, and there will be peace...Fail.
People start killing with knives.
People say take away knives, there will be peace...Fail.
People start killing with Sticks
People say take away sticks, and there will be peace...Fail.
People start killing with rocks.
People say take away rocks, and there will be peace...Fail.
People start killing with hands.
People say take away hands, and there will be peace...Fail.
People start killing with feet.
People say take away feet and there will be peace...Fail.
People start killing with bloody nubs

You can see where I am going with this.

People don't need Religion.
They don't need Ideals.
They don't need Politics.
All people need is access to other people and then human nature will take its course.
Simple as that.

HSx94258d ago

lol @ N4G users trying to debate a serious subject here.

news4geeks4258d ago (Edited 4258d ago )

Stalin and Mao drank milk and were responsible for the deaths of millions.

I hope I have pointed out the logical fallacy in 422185's comment to the less intelligent of you clicking agree and without the need for a wall of text.

edit: In b4 straw man fallacy of arguing from the assumption that atheism is a dogma.

edit2: @nopunctuation - you're give religion too much credit. You're accepting the no true scotsman fallacy as a valid response.

RGB4258d ago

More people have died in the name of God than for any other reason. That's a fact.

"There is a logical pathway leading from religion to the committing of atrocities, it is perfectly logical." Richard Dawkins

Suicide bombers - Islam & others
Children who are denied an education - All monotheistic religions
Children who are told they will spend eternity in Hell - All monotheistic religions
Genital mutilation - Islam and Judaism
Child molestation - Catholic church & others
Appreciate True North - All monotheistic religions
Medical science is compromised - All monotheistic religions
Killing non-religious people - Most theistic religions
War crimes - Most theistic religions
Participation in Wars - Most theistic religions
To kill someone in the name of "God" - Mainly Islam & Most other theistic religions
Criminal activities - All religions
Scandals - All religions

"When one person suffers from a delusion, it's called insanity. When many people suffer from a delusion, it's called a Religion." AronRa

"Name me one moral act that a religious person could do that a atheist couldn't do and then name me one moral act a atheist could do that a religious person couldn't." Hitchens


RufustheKing4257d ago (Edited 4257d ago )

all the atheists and religious trying to show who is the biggest dick is? Belief is the worlds greatest killer and worlds greatest healer. Belief straps bombs to people, it makes people come together. Attack the belief in killing innocent people, don't attack the sub groups of belief. but of course everyone has belief and no one wants to attack themselves.

everyone should question their belief. Why do you believe in it. those who feel their beliefs are being attack will turn into extremists. soon you'll see atheists attack people along with the religious.

if you take away games, it will be Tv that sets killers off. if you take away Tv. it will be books. if it's not books its shadows on a wall or tea leaves at the bottom of your cup. Crazies need triggers to set them off, all we can do is try to spot them before they go ape sh*t.

@RGB you are a muppet you know that. such small minded views like that killed people in norway. have an open mind and stop being such a sheep.

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thelogicking4258d ago

if thats the case, judging by the games ive played, i should be a serial killer by now! -_-

Robearboy4258d ago

What happened here reminds me a hell of a lot of that Uwe Boll film Rampage (not a bad film btw)

Acezakj4257d ago (Edited 4257d ago )

That movie was about a psycho who went on a mass killing spree then pinned it all on his the fuck are these similar?!

Laypoof4258d ago

I mean, had his murder spree been negatively influenced by Battlefield, I'd understand. But f***ing call of doody? that's double the shame!


Give me a break..Cuz he like dose game dose not mean sh1t...So what about the other things he liked.

Im sure he liked a particular type os song/music alot,im sure he has a favourite movie that he likes/watched alot. Y dont they say something about that. They always wanna blame it on games,Im a university student,i play games alot and i also smoke weed but i still know when its time to get serious and i can also tell reality from fantasy.

People who blame games on this guy act are just pure foolish,ignorant and a hypocrite.

Inside_out4258d ago (Edited 4258d ago )

First, our prayers should go out to the families and love ones devastated by another cowardly senseless act.

What kind of lunatic could pull something off like this??? Bombs as a distraction and the senseless murder of children.

The news media and those with a political agenda have already started the spin. Here is a 32 year old guy, young to some, old to others and the usual culprits are being named. Video games, apparently he was a hunter as well with access to doubt there was drugs involved, prescription or other wise but that will be censored, and I'm sure some sort of heavy metal/hard rock musical influence as well. Throw Jesus and Christianity in there for good measure, like Jesus ever told anyone to pick up arms and kill one another...O_o

Mentioning COD is ridiculous and MW2 came out when this monster was 30...hardly a excuse.

In the end, they will try and take more people's freedoms away as a result of this...they always do like the sane have to pay for what the insane do.

BTW...I doubt this guy acted alone. He was encouraged and probably aided in some way...what a tragedy. Norway and Oslo, it's capital, will never be the same as a result of this.

Bebedora4258d ago (Edited 4258d ago )

He actually likes classical music...So satanic!
He also likes Winston Churchill and litterature.

I think he is an intelligent but is a confused man with a schitzophren personallity.

Nothing makes sense to what he has done, to me.

[edit] for the record, he was a vegetabel farmer with access to fertilizers. Much like the UNA bomber. That's why they think he might have been the one behind the bombing.

Raendom4258d ago (Edited 4258d ago )

Hitler enjoyed potatoes. Everyone who enjoys potatos is anti semetic and will plan on conquering the world and enslaving the entire Jewish religion.

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metsgaming4258d ago

Has anyone told fox news yet?

Dart894258d ago

Expect an article within the hours,

Quagmire4258d ago

Why was this approved? So what if he likes games, so does my mum. Maybe I should write an article too.

Coffin874258d ago

Great idea, I would join you with that, my mom enojyed the f*ck out of Vice City & San Andreas and is currently doing their third (I think) playthrough in GTA IV. She also has a maxed-out character in Oblivion.

Except.. that this is not how mainstream media works.

Jio4258d ago

I can imagine it now: "Fox news reports, the main suspect in the Norway shooting was addicted to video games for years and would often play modern warfare 2 for days at a time. Video games are evil, blah blah blah"

silencedwriter4258d ago

Seriously. It'll probably make the O'Really Factor.

skip2mylou4258d ago

already has lol hes probably waiting till his show airs and randomly bring up games

MAJ0R4258d ago

the liberals in the mainstream media are more likely to put a headline like that

ASSASSYN 36o4258d ago (Edited 4258d ago )

Major... Fail.

Jocosta4258d ago

I agreed with you, the rest of these brainwashed fools don't seem to get it.

tiffac4258d ago

Wrong Major the Conservatives will blame games and the Liberals will blame religion and both will fail to see the bigger picture because of the spin they put on their rhetoric.

MAJ0R4257d ago


I hope you all don't still believe in hope and change lol

Rainstorm814257d ago

Nope dont believe in Change just like i didnt believe in "Operation Iraqi Freedom"

But politics is politics riiiight?

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Rainstorm814258d ago

really major?

do your research and see who bashes gaming more liberals or conservatives.....

marioPSUC4258d ago

Well now they are gonna do some stupid news story trying to relate his liking of video games to him going off and killing people.

A good majority of people play video games now, its not surprising that a guy would like to play action games or something now. But yet the media is gonna use this to once again make videos games look bad.

bobbyluv4258d ago

Fox news probably still thinks it was Al-Qeada