Kane & Lynch: Dead Men - PlayTM Preview

PlayTM writes: "Racing through the initial 'break out' level the game 'proper' opens with, I'm largely impressed by the context sensitive actions and controls, not to mention the detailed characters and the world they inhabit. It's all very Hitman, perhaps unsurprisingly, but improved myriad by a richer, more realistic world, and plenty more possibilities."

"Walk up to a wall and Kane will use it as cover automatically, likewise, you'll only leap where necessary, and everywhere you travel IO seem to have tried very hard to make things look and feel 'real'. While both characters will unravel what has befallen them as the story progresses, the way in which dialogue plays out frequently in real-time means that interruptions to the action seem minimal, furthering the believable reality on screen while also involving the player in the characters IO hope they will, against their better judgment, grow to like and care for."

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