Feature: The Wii that Wasn't

Some of the most popular GameCube games would have actually made more sense on the Wii. Crazy theory? Eric-Jon Rössel Waugh examines the evidence…

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Shaka2K64090d ago

Some things never change though like the lack of good quality hardcore games.

Prismo_Fillusion4090d ago

Is it fun trolling Wii and 360 threads for hours each day?
I'd get bored. There are some awesome games for the PS3 - go play them.

ShadoWulf4090d ago

I'll bet you didn't actually read the article, did you?

ChickeyCantor4090d ago

i actually liked the gamecube controller.

"The buttons were all different sizes and shapes, and aligned to the motion of a thumb joint, instead of symmetrically."

it was to recognize it better thats all.

the big green button the small red button the horizontal button and the vertical button.

Well i liked the gamecube, it had some great games, the controller was no problem at all.. well maybe because i got used to it

ShadoWulf4090d ago

Yeah, it seems like the controller didn't work for some people- my friend included. He liked the PS2 controller, which I couldn't use at all. Very odd.

ChickeyCantor4090d ago

i don't like the PS2 controller, simply because the left analog stick feels weird to me.
but in a while you get used to, in some way.

ShadoWulf4090d ago

I never really looked into the Cube pad that much- it seems like Nintendo was just gearing up for a revolution in game control with it's controller. I never new they put that much thought into the controls, but it makes since now, as their new console is designed around them (Wii, if you couldn't tell).

jinn4090d ago

the wii would make more sense if it was called the revolution