That's correct, you read right, British minister Shaun Woodward has defended games and praised the UK's contribution to developing games aswell as BAFTAs decision to hold a British Academy video games awards in November.

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zapzone5865d ago

I'm glad to live in good old Blighty when I read stuff like this. Not only do our censors have common sense (I can't think of a single game they have ever censored let alone banned) - but even our government now says they are behind the games industry. Hurrah!

OutpostCommand5865d ago

Me too my good sir.
Haha...even makes me feel slightly patriotic.

HiSpeedSoldier615865d ago

Whoa, I never ever saw anything like this coming, it's almost like if TheMart and The Real Deal actually posted legitimate, no BS opinions.(Hey, ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN!!)

DJ5865d ago

I didn't see this coming. This is good news. Small, but it's a start.