Gears of War (PC) fail to turn

British tech tabloid The Inquirer reports that the PC conversion of Gears of War appears to be too little, too late, and too expensive.

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sjappie3997d ago

for not making the extra content available for 360. I mean we 360 owners made the game big.

Blood_Spiller3997d ago

Playstation made the GTA series big and they aren't getting the extra content :-P

sjappie3997d ago (Edited 3997d ago )

Should I be mad at Rockstar to, cause ps3 owners will miss out on the content? Well, if it makes you feel better:

Damn you Rockstar, I hate you guys, aaargh, stupid 360 fanboys, aaaaarrgh!!!!

Excalibur3997d ago

I feel so ripped of that the extra content is not being made available to us.
this is the biggest reason I turned to the 360 for gaming.
I got sooo tired of sinking hundreds of dollars into my PC every time a new game came out.

Personally I think the 360 will get the extra content in a super secret special edition of Gears Just before Gears 2 comes out.

Mr VideoGames3997d ago

if your Having George Forman Grill Problems i feel bad for you son i got 99 Problems and a George Forman grill ain't 1

sjappie3997d ago

I don't see the relevance.

wAtdaFck3997d ago

Whoever wrote that article is a [email protected]$$. All because GPU's are expensive and there's no anti-aliasing in DX9? Gears of War is an excellent game, and one of the greatest ports out there.

Inquirer = STUPID.

Silver Bull3t3997d ago

Now maybe they'll stop releasing our "exclusives" on the PC a year later.

Ashta3997d ago

The 360 version doesn't have any anti-aliasing either and all of this (must have Vista and DX10) crap can be worked around. Microsoft and Nvidia were spouting off on how Crysis can only be truly experienced with DX10 and Vista yet the gaming populace themselves found that you can actually modify a file within the Crysis demo and unlock all of the DX10 effects to be used for DX9.

Secret: DX9 and DX10 are identical, but you just need the information of unlocking DX9 to get the right graphical effects. The best part? To unlock all those "special perks" of DX10 you actually have to copy and paste ONE LINE of information in to a demo file.

Wont be long before all of these "exclusive" features that MS keeps trying to jam in to Vista and DX10 are unlocked by the gaming community who is tired of having their games being shorted because some higher up wants gamers to pony up more money for higher priced hardware.

Gorgon3997d ago (Edited 3997d ago )


As for GoW failing on the PC, I suspect that for a long time and have said so on these forums. Gears of War, Halo, CoD4, Killzone and other stuff are OLD HAT by PC standards. They may be great for consoles because the console croud IN GENERAL is not as demanding or critic, but for the majority of long time PC gamers those games are just average to below average. In a few months we can compare sales on both systems.

I have to say also that you don't need a big GPU to play this game at the same level of quality of the xbox360. The moron from the Inq forgets that the game runs at 720p on the Xbox360, which is even lower than 1280x1024, the most basic PC resolution.

pointystick3997d ago

True words Gorgon, bubbles for you.

So many people seem to think a huge 720p HDTV gives them a better picture resolution over a standard widescreen monitor.

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