Sony, Microsoft have 'put themselves in a box,' Fils-Aime says

Market Watch reports:

"San Francisco (MarketWatch) -- With his gaming consoles sitting on the top of the market, Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime thinks his rivals have erred in choosing a path of developing expensive devices that game makers find difficult -- and expensive -- to develop content for."

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sjappie3999d ago

and he looks just like Wario.

ChibiSelz3999d ago

hahah that piture looks fuked up lmao

titntin3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

Well, what a day. I actaully find myself agreeing with themart today!

I applaud there economic success and their ability to make money - catering to a different demographic has been a big success for them. But not for a gamer like myself. Like most people I know, my WII sits around gathering dust and has so far been a big waste of money and a huge dissapointment to me.I'll dust it off for Mario of course, but we need a lot more than that.

I am still convinced that in 2 years time the bottom will have completely fallen out of the Wii market and no one will be buying them. I'm sure Ninty won't mind, as they'll be sitting on a big pile of cash and just about to release there new gimick machine built into a skipping rope or a trainer or something... :)

TheMART3999d ago

Well Reggie, you just put the Gamecube on steroïds in a new box.

You could just as easy have made a Cubemote to release on the Gamecube for motion sensing, so they could play Resident Evil 4 and the Zelda's in about the same quality but with that new gimmick.

That's what you did. Sold old hardware in a new box, for much more money (Gamecube 69 Euro, Wii 249 Euro), filled your pockets and now 66% of those Wii's are catching dust. Only hope are a few games like Zelda, Mario and Metroid Prime.

At least the others take risks to pay off. You play save and forget that a machine needs QUALITY content (3rd party also)

IntelligentAj3999d ago

It's not often taht I agree with you Mart but I would say this hit it pretty close to being damn right. Well said!!!

The Real Joker3999d ago

This is why I disagree with people on this site that compare theMart to nasim and the likes. Many of theMarts posts are very good. +bubble

midgard2293999d ago

he's so freakin ugly lol

Marceles3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

"Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime thinks his rivals have erred in choosing a path of developing expensive devices that game makers find difficult -- and expensive -- to develop content for."

That's how it always is at the beginning...and that's one of the reasons Nintendo always gets stuck on relying on first-party games and the end. They make a cheap and "powerful enough" system just to get by, and it does good at the beginning...but gets dated later in the cycle. It's been like that since the N64...I had to add the expansion pack for certain games like Donkey Kong 64. The Wii is selling well, but no one is buying it for their 3rd party games. I know EA is trying to join the Wii bandwagon, but I doubt third party devs want to keep making games using the Wiimote. They barely want to use Sixaxis controls, so what makes Nintendo think they want to make full games other than the big user base? If games were always so easy to make, we wouldn't have the games that we've seen recently...we would have a bunch of xbox live, PSN, and Virtual Console games that are fun for a little while and then rust on our hard drives or in our cd cases.

edit: oh yeah, and he looks like someone threw scolding hot water in his face...perv.

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The story is too old to be commented.