COD4 to be highest rated PS3 game yet

The first Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare reviews are in and things are looking very good indeed. At the time of writing, the PS3 version of the multiformat title has an average score of 95%, topping those of Oblivion and Ratchet and Clank Future and looking set to make it the highest scoring PS3 game to date. Not one review is currently offering less than a 90. Great news then for shooter fans who might have been feeling a little bit starved of good warfare action for the last couple of months. It is worth noting that the Xbox 360 version currently has pipped it with a 96% average and has received more reviews, but generally it sounds like the quality is near identical on each.

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nomad1174000d ago

It's a great game it deserves nothing less.

jiggyjay4000d ago

I'm happy for you PS3 fanboys! Now you know how its like to play AAA games on a next gen console like how us 360 botz have been doing the last year and a half!

gEnKiE4000d ago

Nothing like stupid fanboys calling out other fanboys......not once was their a fanboy comment made and yet you call it out as some sort of fanboy comment....your all the same have it be a 360 fanboy or a ps3 fanboy....

Danja4000d ago

he means that he's jealous that a PS3 multi plat game is getting more attention than the 360 version..!!..well get use to it as of now..!!..Assasins Creed is next on our list.

beoulve4000d ago

thanks for stating the obvious. Just in case we don't know?

Jamaicangmr4000d ago

Come on man how does this add to the discussion? Try not to disapoint us next time please.

Capt CHAOS4000d ago

But his tag rings fanboy 100%.

Still, funny to see disagreement, though I'd be tempted too, just to get out with his fanboy comment.

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SF49er4084000d ago

their first real AAA title. uncharted will follow up nicely

boodybandit4000d ago

Nice try but you are wrong and you know it.
R&C is a AAA title.

Shaka2K64000d ago

does that make halo 2.1 a better game then cod4?
hello no, so reviews dont mean anything.
Besides Resistance destroys cod4 in every single way, except 1080p support only on PS3.

but thats because cod4 barely has 4 enemies on screen when Resistance has 16.

Juneyp154000d ago

@ shaka2k6

what in all hell are you talking about? resistance is no where near COD4 in enemies and things going on at once.. your comment shows you never even played COD4 ...

1080p 60fps beauty all with RPG's flying by your head and greneades dropping everywhere add to that the people running around with SAW's ..

now im not saying resistance is not a AAA title but dont compare COD4 to it .. it just makes you look bad

mirroredderorrim4000d ago

Mention Halo? That game has a flavor of it's own. Don't get hurt that a game can rack up the reviews with less hype as Halo 3. Not only that, be in developement for less time and recieve less money for advertisement from MS and STILL be called game of the year by multiple gamers and reviewers.

This game is SUPREME.

mesh14000d ago

GOTY is mass effetdt stop getting confues above SLOWLY STEP WAWAY FROM THE CRACK PIPE.

joydestroy4000d ago

whatever, you guys are nuts. CoD4 all the way.

solidt124000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

Dude, don't get me wrong, I love Resistance Fall of Man, but it is not better than COD4. The main story may be because it is longer and more developed, But cod4 multiplayer is the best out. It is a great game but COD pushes shooters to the next level. Its just how game evolution works. Now the next Resistence could be better than COD4, and it should because it is coming out after COD4 next year. So you see great games learn from great game. Killzone 2 will be the next great shooter but for now COD4 is the Shiznit.

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sniddles4000d ago

PS3 is starved of good games, this is going to be bigger news than for 360 ,which has, what, like 20 AAA games by now??

Not to sound sh1tty, but it's a bigger deal to PS3 folk than 360 folk.

Also, had to say it..... 360 version is %1 better, so it must be the better version... right??? j/k

Danja4000d ago

im srry but do u mind listing those 20 so called AAA games...?

ne ways...the 360 has had more reviews of this game...

boodybandit4000d ago

the 360 has a 11 AAA games if you define AAA by an average score of 90 or above.