1UP gives 6/10 to Mario & Sonic

From the moment Sega left the hardware business and began working with Nintendo as a third-party publisher, Sonic and Mario fans have been waiting for an all-star collaboration between the former mascot rivals. Six years later, we finally get it in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, a Wii Sports-inspired competition based on 2008's Beijing Olympics. It's not the fast-paced platformer most were hoping for, to say the least. Sonic fanboys have been all the more incredulous after various screenshots revealed potbellied Mario and big, bad Bowser outsprinting Sega's blue blur. Forget about that controversy, though -- the game's really disturbing premise is that Mario, Sonic, and friends can represent despotic regimes like Iran and Saudi Arabia. There's something just a tad unsettling about seeing Princess Peach or Sonic's furry buddy Tails next to the Iranian flag, particularly in today's nuclear-charged climate.

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MK_Red4051d ago

WTF!? That's beyond too high. What is wrong with 1UP?

beoulve4051d ago

they just like to give low score. :)
more controversy more traffic less credibility.

Danja4051d ago

haha I guess they also like mini-games...I bet they also bought Wii Play and shunned

OatLoops4051d ago

I expected it to be a little better than that.

Darkiewonder4051d ago

It's going to sell because of the characters. Just like Mario Party lawlz.

How much did SEGA say this game will sell? over 2 million or more? ;o

OatLoops4051d ago

Definitely. Some people will just see those two on the front of the box and grab it.

Shaka2K64051d ago

What a surprise, just drop that dead franchise already nintendo.

WilliamRLBaker4051d ago

so they gave it a low score because of political reasons?

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