1UP Gives 4/10 to Bladestorm for PS3 & Xbox 360

Someone over at Koei really needs to call a shrink -- Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War is suffering from a major identity crisis. The publisher's latest history lesson (rather than sticking gamers into ancient China once again, this one drops us onto European soil and recounts the famous feud between England and France during the 14th century) thinks it's both an action and a strategy game, but ultimately falls short of excelling at either.

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MK_Red4094d ago

Now that's a 1UP score I totally agree with. Bladestorm truly deserves such a low score with PS2/last-gen graphics, controls and gameplay. Seriously, the game looks like a mediocre Wii game not a PS3 and 360 title.
And the gameplay is exact copy of other Koei Warriors games.

Kleptic4094d ago

totally agree...Was upset with my self that I even downloaded the demo, and gave it 5 minutes...

what a horrible least if the demo gave any indication as to how poor of a title it was...

avoid at all costs in my book...this corpse may be worse than Dynasty Warrior's: Gundam (I know that is by Namco...but it was the terdiest game I had demo'd all year)

Tarmgar4094d ago

"And the gameplay is exact copy of other Koei Warriors games."

Hardcore Dynasty Warriors fan here :). I loved the demo and want the game :P. I just love those games. I just wish I could read japanese so i could play them earlier.

ElementX4094d ago

Anything from KOEI is crap. I made the mistake of buying one of the Dynasty Warriors for original Xbox.

Ahhhh4094d ago (Edited 4094d ago )

The Dynasty Warriors games arnt that bad.. But they would be a helluva lot better if you could make your own character and form your own "Dynasty".

This game aint that great, I think it deserves this score. But, one neat thing in the demo I found was, mattering on how much castles, or territories, you took over formed the next mission. I thought that was kinda neat, though.

bym051d4094d ago

I had a lot of hopes for this game... maybe I'll try to get it cheap.

I really like the demo.

games4fun4094d ago

about the demo was how freaking long it was, battle after battle i got tired of the demo and was about halfway through it. Why would i want to buy the game when i was done way before the demo finished.
Also the battle system is way to messed up, having units attack is one thing but its like your limited to fighting like a pretty pathetic average fighter which is fine if you had more freedom of movement and fighting techniques.

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The story is too old to be commented.