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Scene It? isn't going to blow up anyone's skirt as revolutionizing the way you play games, nor does it pack any kind of visual punch, but that doesn't take anything away from the undeniable fact that it's a very fun game to play with a group of friends. Is it worth the 60 dollar entry fee? Given that a regular game of Scene It? is going to run you 40 bucks from a retail store, I'd say, yes. You get hundreds more questions, four controllers (even if they have ripped off Buzz's design), and the real kicker is that the Xbox 360 varies the 1,800 questions much better than a standard DVD player. Movie buffs, the game for you has arrived.

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MK_Red4000d ago

WTF!? How on earth could such a game get such a high score? It's a terrible rip-off of PS2 Buzz games and a weak casual title for 360. Everything in this game from look to the controller is stolen. The only decent things are some of the movie ideas and questions.

ParaDise_LosT4000d ago

I though they gave it a 9.0 or something xD

note- I didn't disagree with you

MK_Red4000d ago

I know but 7 is still pretty high IMO but hey, I'm not a fan of these trivia games so maybe they really did enjoy it to award a 7/10 (Decent to Good) score.

iceice1234000d ago

More, anything 360 and you QQ.

Bnet3434000d ago

What is wrong with you? Have you played this game? If not, please refrain from judging it. 7 isn't even a high score and Scene it has been out on DVD before this 360 version. Your posting like a fanboy, I thought you were the good guy around here.

ParaDise_LosT4000d ago

MK isn't acting like a fanboy....
You're just easly offended...

Zhuk4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

no offense, but the primary inspiration for this game is actually a dvd/board game. Also, there is nothing wrong with it drawing inspiration from Buzz!, which is a great title. The Xbox 360 needs titles like this and Singstar to be able to attract a wider audience and they're great party games.

just because its a 'copy' doesnt mean its not good

wageslave4000d ago

"It's a terrible rip-off of PS2 Buzz games"

Are you truely clueless? Scene It? has been around for over 10 years, and Scene It? sells million of non-console games every year all over the planet.

Can you be that clueless?

uxo224000d ago

There are not enough of these kinds of games out for the 360 or the PS3. These are the kind of non-violent family oriented games that pushes consoles into living rooms (not dorm rooms). If there were more family and party oriented games out there, the hardcore consoles like the 360 and PS3 would have a bigger piece of the mainstream market.

I think the game is cool, A definite buy for me. I play the board game all the time, haha, this one has no set up or tear down. Count me in. It's funny because normally if a game doesn't rate an 8 or higher I tend to pass on it. But, many reviewers will try and compare it to arcade, shooters, and other games and rate it lower than it should be. IMO.

AngryTypingGuy4000d ago

Well they have to rate it for what it is. It's a trivia game. Is it fun and addictive. The score is probably about right, maybe even a little low. This is the best version of Scene It due to the added features and the fact that it does a good job at keeping track of questions already answered. It won't be GOTY, but for a casual party trivia game, I'm sure it does the trick.

WIIIS14000d ago

As a PS3 gamer, I must disapprove of MK Red's chidish fanboy remarks. Family games may not be my cuppa tea either, but there's no basis to disparage a good game of its genre especially when you haven't even seen how it plays.

MK_Red4000d ago

I have seen the gameplay and I knew original Scene It is realy old but I'm talking about the game itself and believe me, it's really not family friendly.

But as I said, I really don't like trivia games (Including Buzz) so I'm not the best person to decide about these types game.

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Close_Second4000d ago

...and it was actually kind of fun - questions were certainly a lot more difficult. The visuals were different enough from the Buzz games on the PS2 to make it feel fresh and new and the speed of moving from question to question seemed a lot faster. Its certainly nice not being constantly interrupted by a sleazy CG host like on Buzz.

As for the controller - hell, what else did people expect. You could say that PS3 stole the idea for the triggers and SIXAXIS on their PS3 controller. What I'm saying is that there is only so much you can do with this type of input device. At least its wireless.

IGNFTW4000d ago


ParaDise_LosT4000d ago


Close_Second4000d ago better let your friends know that in advance in case they no longer want to come round.

jaja14344000d ago

What your not buying it? Well I was going to come over, but your lack of Scene It does not bode to well for you my friend. Instead I shall have to indulge my other passion.

Off to the rodeo I go!

BubblesDAVERAGE4000d ago

that good ole dvd video game became a dvd video game for the 360...aint it grand

uxo224000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

One could also say the same thing about the good ole card game becoming a game on the PS3. Please, stop trying to down play it. I honestly don't think that you would have said that if this game was out on your favorite console.

Edit - Getting back on topic.
What really could make this game really nice will be DLC, especially when they start to come out with genre specific addons like Sports, TV shows, and other general IQ type questions. Should be nice.

Dareaver14000d ago

I'm going to get this. It's the ultimate scene it, now i don't have to keep buy an new one and have more clutter in my house. Hopefully the have DLC for it, which will extend it's replay value to the ceiling. I love these type of games, brings the family together, i don't like being bothered when i play Halo, Bioshock, Gears of War, Orange Box, God of War, Shadow of the ....., and you get the picture. But sometimes that's too much alone time. I love playing with my girl and her kids every once and awhile. Tetris Splash is totally addicting with the 4 player mode. Now we have another game to bring us together.

It's a great time to be a gamer indeed.

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