Microsoft Service "Sucks", Australian Xbox 360 Boss Told

The head of the Microsoft Xbox operation in Australia, David Mclean, who is becoming famous for what he doesn't say rather than what he does, is set to hear from yet another very "angry" Xbox 360 customer who is so angry with Mclean and his operation that [the customer] has packed up his second broken Xbox and shipped it directly to [Mclean] with a letter that says: "Microsoft sucks you can keep your busted Xbox". [The customer] also said that he will never deal with Microsoft again.

Marcel Ollmann of New Zealand says it is not the (speculated) 30-percent failure rate of the Xbox 360 that galls him - but the "shocking" service that Ollmann received when he attempted to get his first Xbox 360 fixed. In a blunt letter to Mclean he states: "It is fair to say that for the past year Microsoft has treated me like shit."

(Reported by David Richards via SmartHouse on Tuesday, November 6, 2007)


This article is not about the Three Red Rings of Death on Xbox 360. It's about a customer's experience with Microsoft's service.

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ktchong4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

As a customer, do you think Microsoft's customer service is acceptable? Do you want to see it improve?

Microsoft has announced that it would extend warranty and fixed broken Xbox 360's. However, Microsoft treats you like sh!t and makes you go through a lot of PAINS AND SUFFERING when they make you wait a long time to fix your console. The warranty extension is nothing more than a PR stunt if Microsoft does not honor their warranty with courtesy and respect to customers.

So. Don't let Microsoft get away with giving sh!tty service to customers. Microsoft is not going to improve its service until it completely shamed and humiliated by the media and press.

Ps3Fanboy7774000d ago

We all tried to warn ya'll but nooooo..

Still have my launch Ps3, on my 4th 360... Atleast this one has HDMI and a bigger heatsink and doesnt sound like a jet.

ktchong4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

Mostly with their intolerably arrogant jackass attitude and despicable business practices.

But this thread is not about Sony or PS3. Just be assured that you'll see plenty of not-so-flattering submissions about Sony from me in the future.

beoulve4000d ago

The Round Peg, did you just called them to scold them??
I called both Sony and Microsoft and both of them are very helpful. I believe Sony received awards for their customer service which totally contradict what you have said.

EXPLICIT214000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

of the line. You can't get much better. MS's service is terrible unless you let them have it. I ripped into them after my 6th console died and lets just say things have been ok since then. I sold my 360 afterwards. ;) Best decision of my life. My blood pressure went down 40 points.

ktchong4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

I didn't say anything about Sony customer business service. I was referring to their business attitude and practices.

Anyway, Sony has done a lot of unsavory things -- planting spyware in their music CDs, inventing fake critics ("David Manning") to give positive reviews to their own movies and games, forming an oligopolistic cartel with other movie studios to try to limit consumer choices and force consumer to adopt a more expensive format, frequently making comments to insult their customers and competitors in public, frequently using "anonymous" sources to attack and defame their competitors, getting involved with yakuza gangs in Japan to bully and blackmail competitors -- Sony is way, way dirtier than Microsoft. But Sony covers it up well. The juicy details are out there.

Neither company is an angel, but Sony is definitely dirtier. You just have to dig and read around a little bit to learn about Sony's dirty laundry. Only you fanboys refuse to see it.

But I'm not going into the details here. This is not a discussion about Sony and its dirty, untold secrets. This is about the horrendous customer service of Microsoft.

EXPLICIT214000d ago

I'd be more worried about MS business practices. Their 3 year warrenty doesn't fix the problem they have.

Lacarious4000d ago

gamers will remember how M$ treated them. They will most def recall all the HORRIBLE experiences with M$ and that will most def factor into their decision in purchasing a new next gen console.

BTW - on my 6th.

Man.... i sooooooooooo can't wait until the next next gen of gaming.

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beoulve4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

i called up Sony support, I get American.
I called up Microsoft support, I get Indian. They're nice but they're also hard to understand. I had good experience with the Indians because I quite used to Indian slang since I worked with several Indian engineer before. I can see some people go crazy trying to understand them.

jaja14344000d ago

You got an America? You lucky man you!

Ahhhh4000d ago

i used to have more probs with sony than MS but sony seems to have gotten a bit better..

dachiefsman4000d ago

man I feel for this guy...I didn't have an issue when mine went down....hopefully it won't for a second time....

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