Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare vs. Halo 3 (XB360)

It was bound to happen. 2007's biggest shooters are in a battle for console supremacy. On one side, you have Microsoft's Halo 3, the seemingly unstoppable juggernaut. On the other, stands Activision's Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. If you can afford both, then by all means, but if money's tight, read on to see which game emerged victorious.

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Danja4091d ago

lets see since I would never play HALO 3...

COD4 wins...

power of Green 4091d ago

No one cares what you think I mean just look at your Avatar. lol

COD4 is a hardcore game for people that like tactical shooters, it won't hold a candle to Halo's wide spread appeal-pick up and play style with alittle more diverse gameplay.

Panthers4091d ago

I agree the winner is CoD4 but I still think Halo has a better story. I like SciFi though. And online goes to CoD4 hands down.

JsonHenry4091d ago

Well, I prefer CoD4 myself. both single player and multiplayer. But then again I have never thought Halo was something special like everyone else.

Blackfrican4091d ago



Now that i scared all the crazy asians away...

COD4 and halo 3 are each good games i would say 9/10 to each (10/10 should be the same as giving 5 stars to a movie)

Screw single player in both, that is just there as a joke where you can mess around

Anyone good at these games wants to play online with competitive human controlled opponents

in COD4 the online is sweet but the whole play to unlock weapons, perks, and gametypes will ultimately hurt it. While the starting ones are alright people will always say he killed me because he had that and I could not and be correct will hurt the game. (3xfrag != 3xspecial) While the weapons in COD4 are a good variety there is not a big strategic difference between them all.

In halo not only do you start being on an equal playing field but each weapon requires its own strategy which makes the game a lot more strategic then call of duty. This extra challenge will cause a lot of people to play halo 3 a lot longer then they do COD4

Halo 3 MP = RTCW MP = Rainbow Six 3 MP > COD4 MP > COD2 MP

Texas GMR4091d ago

Game of the year for me is Bioshock.

It's one of the best games to ever grace a console. For the PS3 only fans, you'll know what I mean when it comes to your console.

TheGamer4090d ago

Agree with everything in the article except for the graphics. I think COD4 blows Halo3 away especially in the graphics dept. It just cannot be a tie!!!

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skynidas4091d ago

COD4!!!!YAYY!! Best Game Of The Year for every platform beating uncharted(AMAZING), ratchet and clank(AMAZING), assasins creed, bioshock and of course halo 3!!!

Shadow Man4091d ago

wtf the graphics are a tie. You've got to be kidding me cod4 blows halo 3 out of the water in that department. More effects better lighting, better textures and it actually in high definition (lol had to go there). No i'm not a fanboy i have halo 3 but after years of halo 2 3 kinda got old quick and i prefer the new cod4.

coltsfreak184091d ago

are unbelievable. the characters in halo dont impress me that much, and COD4 is as life-like (almost) as crysis

wil4hire4091d ago

What does that have to do with the game as a game? I think Halo3 is the all time marketing winner.

Shadow Man4091d ago

lol but cod4 is just that awesome

FrostyMelon4091d ago

I think that MS is the all time marketing winner, once again.

power of Green 4091d ago

Stupid ass comparison. Ine is a fantasy shooter and the other a tactical simulator. Oh well they both complement eachother on the Xbox platform(big sales).

Whats next?, Ridge racer vs GT5.

Danja4091d ago

Forza 2 vs GT5.....

and we know which is better already..!!!

power of Green 4091d ago

Halo's an arcade style shooter thats put against this tactical shooter simulator.

Forza 2 is a more complete simulator than GT; Forza 2 blows GT out of the water it wouldn't make sense to do a GT vs Forza.

Double-Edged4091d ago (Edited 4091d ago )

Forza2 and GT5.

what are you looking for?
Graphics or simulation?

Graphics i would say GT5.
Simulation for Forza2.

power of Green - I agree... like how lair looks really good graphically but really crappy controls and gameplay. Because when it comes to realism+simulation.... I dont see where Forza2 falls short.

Ri0tSquad4091d ago

i didn't know GT5 was out.

C_SoL4091d ago

GT5 ain't even done yet and when it is its gonna come blastin through the door to blow forza's head off.....believe that.. but ya i wished Halo 3 went much deeper into the story...but i pick COD4 cause of the gameplay...HALO is just a damn good story, but they fu<ked up HALO 3 i think.... a oh here comes the XBOTS, unless they can take it like REAL MEN.

IntelligentAj4091d ago

I agree with you that Halo 3 and COD 4 are different types of shooters and therefore can't seriously be compared. But with Forza 2 and GT5 I don't think the difference is that clear cut. That's your personal opinion. I happen to think that GT4 is more realistic than Forza 2 and I can't compare GT5 because it hasn't come out yet. Just like you this is simply my opinion and NOT a fact.

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