Paid Downloads for Wii Ware Games

It happened on the Xbox 360 and PS3, and now it's going to be happening on the Wii. revealed recently that Bandai Namco's Mojipittan will feature paid downloadable content that expands the game with new stages and items. Specifics on pricing were not revealed by the site.

Mojipittan is a word-based puzzle game that has met great success on the PS2, PSP and DS, with over 900,000 copies sold. The game is scheduled to launch with the Japanese Wii Ware service in March of 2008.

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MK_Red4091d ago

Wow, paying for a word-based puzzle game... and I thought EA was a thief.

BrotherNick4090d ago

I'm curious to how it is.

MySwordIsHeavenly4090d ago

How 'bout no...

Nintendo...stop screwing us over.

They're in it to make money and that's what they're doing.

This is lame.

I hate Nintendo now.

Who wants my Wii?

Prismo_Fillusion4090d ago (Edited 4090d ago )

OMG!? They're in it for the money!? This is shocking, *shocking*, news. Hold the presses.

Rooftrellen4090d ago

Bad Nintendo. First making a profit off every Wii and now this!

They'll end up like Sega if they don't stop making money!

ChickeyCantor4090d ago

its is it nintendo ripping you off?

djt234090d ago

what are you talk about you suppose to knw that they are going to charge you money for wiiware games
nintendo said it at E3 07, japanese pressconfes, when they anonc wiiware
and when square tell you that FFC was going to be $14 in usa

MySwordIsHeavenly you have the wii so you suppose to know this