Super Mario Walloping Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo exec says

Sony and Microsoft have put themselves in a strategic hole by failing to court casual gamers, a top Nintendo executive said Tuesday.

Speaking at the annual Interactive Entertainment Conference sponsored by BMO Capital Markets in New York Cty, Reginald Fils Aime, president of Nintendo of America, said the makers of the PlayStation and the Xbox video game consoles will have difficulty extricating themselves from their focus on expensive, high-definition machines.

"They've gone down the path with very expensive machines where they lose money on every console sold," he said. "They have a significant strategic conundrum and one that won't be easy to resolve."

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Chris_GTR14002d ago

super mario walloping sony MS ?? they better hope that game+smash+mario kart for the entire life of the wii will help their sales....
... just like they did for the gamecube ;)

unsunghero284002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

I'm pretty sure I could name more anticipated Wii first-party games than I could 360 first-party games...

Like it or not, the Wii is doing quite well and I don't see it going anywhere any time soon.

Super Mario Galaxy, Super Smash Bros, Animal Crossing Wii, Mario Kart Wii, and Disaster: Day of Crisis are all first-party '08 titles that (except for Disaster: Day of Crisis) are quite recognizable franchises for the average hardcore gamer.

Whereas the 360's first party stuff is mainly Mass Effect, GoW 2 and PGR4, but Mass Effect is not a new franchise. I will admit that Sony's lineup for '08 is mouth-watering and incredible, so they've probably got the lead on Nintendo as far as anticipated games go.

The thing about Nintendo is while they don't have nearly as much third-party support, they DO have 20 years more than Sony or Microsoft to tap into for franchises waiting to be revived.

Chris_GTR14002d ago

mmmkay id like to hear those titles.

MySwordIsHeavenly4002d ago

I've seen his list dude.

It's not pretty...

The Wii's AAA titles are already out: Zelda and Metroid.

There's really nothing left.

Super Mario Galaxy is all hype. I've played a LOT of it at Gamestop. Ratchet and Clank is much better and feels more original.

Do you want new gameplay mechanics, a good storyline, humor, pixar-quality graphics, smooth animations, an epic scale of battle, and emotion within each character?

Then, buy Ratchet and Clank...and lay off the Mario.

vaan4002d ago

I love Nintendo but I also like good solid quality games for a more mature player. I'm not saying Nintendo are all for kids but you know what I mean.
I dunno I'll get the Wii X-Mas of 2009 when it is 87 cents.

IntelligentAj4002d ago

Unfortunately for Nintendo they will never court the hardcore gamers that they are currently ignoring(for the most part) by focusing on the casual market. He talks about the consoles losing money but they will start to turn a profit(Like most systems do)and then what?You can sell all the systems you want but when people only buy 1-2 games and play them sparingly that's really no basis for you say that your "walloping" something else. Go 360 and Sony!!!

unsunghero284002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

What's that?

Oh, sorry, I couldn't hear you over all the Super Mario Galaxy, Mario Kart, Medal of Honor Heroes 2, Spore, No More Heroes, Okami, and Fire Emblem videos that were on (yeah I'm that cool).

I would hardly say the Wii doesn't cater to the hardcore crowd. In fact, that's BS. Admittedly, a lot of the people who buy Wii are NOT hardcore and henceforth DO NOT buy that many games, but I know many hardcore gamers who are satisfied with the Wii and anticipating the big games it has coming.

And, honestly, what kind of poor sap who calls himself "hardcore" would want to be caught without a copy of Super Smash Bros Brawl come February 14?

john_doe4002d ago

i think you need to look better for info on wii games.. because games are coming and games are already out that are hardcore. the ones listed for unsunghero are only a few. So i don't think they are ignoring the hardcore gamers its only that the actual catalog is flooded whit crappy minigame collections and other casual stuff, but that is changing.

IntelligentAj4002d ago

The point that I was making was that they won't snatch that section of gamers away from the 360 and the PS3. Nobody can argue with the fact that those 2 consoles will have more games that cater to the hardcore audience. I'll get smash bros(as I loved the N64 version) but I'll also live with Tekken and Virtua Fighter which I like more than smash bros. Of course this all my opinion so you are free to disagree to your hearts content.

TruthbeTold4002d ago

I don't think that Nintendo is necessarily trying to take gamers away from MS and Sony, they just want alot of their gamers to support Nintendo too. For example, someone may love COD 4, and think it to be the best war fps ever, but if they also own a Wii in addition to their PS3 or 360, they'll most likely buy a game like MOH: Heroes 2 just for the revolutionary control system. The Wii console and it's games are very affordable to the HD crowd, so it's no biggie for such things.

Nintendo seems to have the attitude of: "Hey, in addition to our can't miss games such as Zelda, Smash bros Brawl and Mario Galaxy, etc., check out these new takes on your favorite classic genres to help round out your gaming experience, as well as party with your friends." Nintendo wants the Nintendo fan, the MS fan, the Sony fan, their Mothers, Fathers, and Grandparents. I don't think they care at all what other systems one may own since they are all about expanding the market and making a profit simultaneously, which they are doing. This is a good thing for gaming imo.

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HarryEtTubMan4002d ago

PS3 has alot of causual content coming too... a year from now the PS3 is going to look ENTIRELY different.

Rooftrellen4002d ago

I won't argue with you, but if this is true, doesn't that mean a lot of PS3 owners are going to be selling their systems, as many of them claim to have done with their Wii?

midgard2294002d ago

they court casual gamers but not hardcore, they will do what they always do. release one zelda (done) one mario (done), one metroid (done) one smash bros, one mario kart and 8 mario parties, and thats it for the system, and sorry wii's first party titles are only what i named, and there are like 2 third party games that are gonna be good. wii is focusing to much on casual

its wierd, nintendo created the hardcore gamer, yet left us in the dust as we matured, sorta like a crappy parent.

Prismo_Fillusion4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

Actually you forgot loads and loads of first party franchises that will come to the Wii...

Star Fox
Animal Crossing
All those crazy Mario sports games...

Those are just a few that I thought off of the top of my head. And don't forget that Nintendo has developed new IPs for every system they've ever made. I never even owned a Gamecube and I know that stuff. You anti-wii idiots are're real...idiots!

TruthbeTold4002d ago

We bailed on them. The 64 was for the hardcore gamer, but a huge number of us fickle gamers jumped ship for the Playstation when it got delayed, which caused them to have to rethink their strategy. Especially after the Game Cube was received lukewarmly at best.

People like to pretend now that "Deep down they care about Nintendo, but Nintendo failed them", when the truth is, they made their choice long ago and left Nintendo in the dust. (Kind of like ungrateful children.) Even so, Nintendo trucks on, and still gives us some good stuff even as they begin appealing to a wider audience.

Wii60PS3DSPSP4002d ago

TruthbeTold, you deserve a bubble for that.

Lionsguard4002d ago

I love Starfox but the rest of those games...come one seriously??? I would of liked it when I was 14 but those games just sound like they'd make me sick. Mario, god how many more renditions of this game must be made? I'm waiting for "Super Mario Parallel Universe." jumping on Goombas and turtles can only be fun for so long.

Rooftrellen4002d ago

"I'm waiting for "Super Mario Parallel Universe." jumping on Goombas and turtles can only be fun for so long."

I can 100% assure you that there have been fewer games of jumping on enemies than shooting at them.

So, considering there are at least 30 FPS a year, and about one real Mario game every 2 years, jumping on enemies should last about 15 times as long as shooting enemies.

Prismo_Fillusion4002d ago

That was a delicious counter-argument.

I love shooters, but the market is beyond oversaturated with them.

Lionsguard4002d ago

o no I agree, FPS's are definitely saturated yet people will still gobble them up as proven by CoD4 just shortly after Halo3 is proven a success. The only thing is that you're comparing a franchise to a whole genre of games which does not work.

midgard2294002d ago

pikmin??? kirby??? huuuh those arent good games, those are kid games that i wuda liked 10 years ago. sorry but nintendo did leave us in the dust. n64 was horrible in my opinion. there was no games for it. what golden eye orcina and mario??? thats all.

games like god of war, heavenly sword, final fantasy, metal gear, resident evil, ninja gaiden, great fighters like guilty gear, soul calibur and dead or alive, great multiplayer shooters like halo, unreal, warhawk, these are games that make up the hardcore gamers, not Pikmin. sorry, and while RE chronicals and soul calibur legends look alright, they are just side dishes to the true meat the 360 and ps3 are getting, RE5 and SC 4

Wii60PS3DSPSP4001d ago

Funny you should say that midgard because with a comment like i'd have to assume you were part of the kiddy group you hate so much.

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