Cryptic Sells Heroes and Villains to NCsoft

Cryptic Studios, developer of the City of Heroes and City of Villains massively-multiplayer online role-playing games, has sold its rights to those properties to NCsoft, the games' publisher.

NCsoft, which also publishes the Tabula Rasa and Lineage II MMOs, said it plans to continue to the online superhero series with "expansions and sequels."

The company has formed a new studio around the acquisition in Mountain View, Calif., which will include key members of the City of Heroes development teams.

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Azurite4001d ago

Maybe they'll start Free play on CoH/V too then.

kornbeaner4001d ago

Is this game coming to the PS3 be out of the Question?????

That would be sweet cross platform PS3/PC villan/hero rumbles.

One can hope.

solar4001d ago

the graphics were sick. the powersets rocked, but the lack of different missions, backdrops for missions, lack of crafting (which is not starting to be fixed), hurt the game. hell i played CoH a lot longer than i played WoW.

the lag problem with lots of ppl in one area was a bummer too. id lead raids on hamidon on the Freedom server and the lag...oh god the lag. the pvp was pretty fun, except the balance of the regen scrappers and ice/energy blasters was rediculously (sp?) off balance. my poor Stoney was too stupid to attack who i wanted him too, definately needed to be able to control your pet. ok im kinda drunk and rambling...hehe.

Gahigiddy4000d ago

Remember, NCsoft is PS3 exclusive on the console side.