Infinity Ward Delivers - COD4 Shines On All Platforms

Ripten congratulates Infinity Ward on their release, and promptly gets a note back from COD4's Associate Producer.

What he says will have PS3 owners grinning from ear to ear. Finally, it appears that at least one developer "gets it".

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Douchebaggery4003d ago

maybe now they can finally stand up, pull their pants up and put down the lube.

Danja4003d ago

plz to keep whatever you do private we don't wanna know.

ne shines brighter on the PS3...

PS3 Limps on and on4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

XBOTS are our daddies. They have their way with us.

Infact that dude got luck he was even given the option of using lube.

That's how bad they own us.

It's just nature taking it's course.

Peekay4003d ago

i fav the ps3 but that was funny! btw - is that you Lightning?

Anywhoo - we should all return the favor to IW and buy this game!

JsonHenry4003d ago

Which means it was toned down so that the PS3 would appear to be equal to the 360?

Kinda like how Devs did the same sort of thing for the PS2/Xbox?

dantesparda4003d ago

Hm, I've noticed that you're hate for the PS3 has been growing stronger and stronger

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Meus Renaissance4003d ago

This game could be the beginning of something new, a common ground, and an end to the fanboy wars.

Nostradavis4003d ago

Agreed! I sure hope so, the fanboy stuff is just silly. We are all gamers and we ALL deserve to get good games. Period.

Douchebaggery4003d ago

I doubt it as long as the PS3 install remains significantly smaller it's still gonna be treated like the ugly step child by developers.

Marceles4003d ago

I wish it'll die down too, but I saw 2 stupid arguments for COD4: arguments:

1. Which version is TRUE native 1080p and which version is upscaled
2. How many players can one system handle more than another on multiplayer

This'll probably carry over for every single multiplatform game until one system undoubtly wins, but if you have fanboy goggles your system will always win. And I agree with uh_what with the install base week is gonna be a cool week for PS3 with dual shock 3 and the new white ps3, also Assasin's Creed. The 360 also has Assasin's Creed, then the fight of the exclusives will start the next week: Uncharted vs. Mass Effect. My money is on Mass Effect just because 1. the install base and 2. it's already getting good reviews and people going crazy for it, but I think Uncharted will put up a decent fight even though it's not getting as much attention...I still think it'll be reviewed and sell as well as Ratchet.

aiphanes4003d ago

The title was just to draw the Xbots into here...just read the whole post...I am not trying to dis the Xbot 360.....

Since developers can do what they can now of the PS3 in only 1 year...which took 2 years on the Xbox 360...this shows that the PS3 is very powerfull and not that hard to develop for...look at COD4, Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank...GT5 Prologue....

Killzone 2 and MGS4 are gonna be even better than COD4....and burnout paradise and GTA4 are gonna be totally awesome since they got more development time....UT3 is gonna be rock solid......and haze is going to supprise a lot of people...the PS3 is now at $399...nobody who has a PS3 is going to want to play an old PS2 game now after playing COD4 at 1080p....and playing the other games that i mentioned....Sony made the right call by eliminating PS2 backwards compatibility to lower the cost......Sony is about to blow the market wide open.....the hardware is solid, the software is now solid...and 2008 is going to be a blowout year...all the current developers will look at Infinity Ward and see what can be done on the PS3 and they will all try to out do each other.....2008 is going to be killer...Maybe even EA will get off their balls and do something different in their next sports games...

Can we say 60 fps in 1080p in the next madden?

jackdoe4003d ago

I think Madden will still suck next year.

hfaze4003d ago

This is also a shining example of a cross-platform title done right. Every video comparing the two shows a great looking and great running game on both the XBox 360 and PS3. Personally, I couldn't see any significant differences on either platform.

Hopefully other developers (cough... EA ;-) will get their act together and stop making excuses if Infinity Ward has been able to pull off this feat...

Kudos to Infinity Ward for pulling off one GREAT game.

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mighty_douche4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

but ill pick it up for my ps3 when the price drops a bit, my ps3 owning pals deserve a pwning to!

SIX4003d ago

I've been playing this game for about 4 hours straight now and it is pretty amazing. The latter stages are pretty impressive. I applaud Infinity Ward for putting in the time to learn the PS3's architecture. As a way of saying thank you, I think all PS3 owners should go buy this game and send a message out to other developers that if you make a good game it will sell just as well as it does on the 360.
Oh yeah! This game is very smooth with hardly any framerate glitches. Almost as smooth as Resistence.

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