Circuit City Refusing To Honor Advertised Offer For Free Call Of Duty 3?

Adam says:

"Today, like many anxious gamers, I went to Circuit City (Store # 3111) to pick up the highly anticipated "Call of Duty 4" for the XBox 360. I chose to pick it up at Circuit City as this week's circular ad listed a free copy of the previous game "Call of Duty 3" with purchase. When I went to check out, I was told that it was a misprint and that they refused to honor it. Myself, along with about half a dozen co-workers were rightfully angry that we wasted our lunch hour on this Circuit City bait-and-switch, that has become too common with this outlet lately. I would urge other Consumerists to skip out on Circuit City and try for another retailer (Target has a free $5 gift card)."


We looked up the weekly circular for Naperville, IL and sure enough. There it is. No mention of a misprint. We think Circuit City should honor this offer. There's really no reason to believe it was a misprint.

Are other people having this problem?

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Captain Tuttle4003d ago

Honored the deal but the fine print said that the limit was 5 per store. Some guy who works there called me when the game came in and I was the third person to have bought the game. There were 2 more guys behind me. They went quickly.

Now I'll trade it in towards Mass Effect.

lawman11084003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

Was second to get it and they gave me COD 3 &4 plus a poster that I just left there. The only problem was they would no sell it until 2pm Look at the PILE of PS3's they had behind the counter,most were the 40gb I counted around 70 just sitting there. The girl at the counter said they should just give them away because nobody is buying them. She said they had a bunch more in the back too. So much for the price cut.

etownone4003d ago

BS... I went to one circuit city, and they were selling the last COD4 with free COD3 to the guy in front of me, then I went to another CC, and supposedly they were still waiting for their shipment, and it was already 3pm, so manager gave everyone on line waiting (about 14) a business card that secured cod4 with free cod3 plus 10 dollar gift certificate for our troubles. This CC was in woodbridge, NJ.

if anyone is having problems with advertised promos, just call the CC customer service number and they can help you.

HeavyweightInTheGame4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

True, but people still make fun of the 360 and how they will always "RROD". Just how the PS3 has fixed some issues, so has the 360. The 360 has a smaller failure rate and you hear less and less stories of it happening. Just like you mentioned, MS has fixed some of it's issues as well and RROD is becoming a thing of the past just like PS3's high price. Both are systems with downfalls but at least the companies are doing something about it.

Edit: sorry meant for maldread above

PS3 Limps on and on4003d ago ShowReplies(5)
BenzMoney4003d ago

The title of this story is technically incorrect, because advertisements have a long legal precedence of NOT being considered "offers" at all.

Contract law stipulates that in order for a contract to be legally binding, there must be three essential things. An offer, consideration, and acceptance.

Advertisements are what is called an "invitation to treat". The actual offer comes when you, as a consumer, offer to buy a good at an "advertised" price. It is at that point in time that the business will either ACCEPT your offer, and sell you the good, or refuse the sale.

So while this may qualify as false advertising and piss a lot of people off, there is nothing technically wrong with what CC is doing (from a legal contract-law standpoint). They reserve the right not to honor an offer from you to purchase their product.

Danja4003d ago

so why is this guy pissed that he didn't get COD3..I mean the game isn't that great either...

jackdoe4003d ago

I agree. CoD 3 was a meh. Should have never been made.

etownone4003d ago

why should he be pissed?? its FREE

i got a fre cod3 with cod4 even though i already have cod3. I plan on trading it in, selling it, or giving it to someone for xmas.

whats better? $60 for cod4 or $60 for cod4 and cod3??

BrianC62344003d ago

Maybe the reason this deal was even made was Circuit City had a warehouse full of COD3 for the 360. I don't see this offer for the PS3 which tells me they didn't have PS3 copies. Smart move by Circuit City. It got them a bunch of sales of COD4 for the 360 and cleared room in their warehouse. No way would those copies ever get sold.

Snukadaman4003d ago

whoever did this favoring the xbox 360...think about it..if you have both consoles....with the xbox360 you get a free game....more a incentive too purchase ps3 love means someone wants too see those xbox numbers high...or see the ps3 surprised the sony fanboys didnt pick up this conspiracy theory yet...cause this time it makes alot more sense when no incentives for getting the ps3 version.

TrenchaunT4003d ago

I used to regret buying COD3.

Now I very, very seriously regret it, since I could've gotten it for free if I'd just waited some months. Not that I really want it, anyway.

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