Gamespot: Jenga World Tour Hands-On

Messing with Jenga feels uncomfortably like messing with Tetris, but that hasn't deterred Atari and UK-based Atomic Planet Entertainment from coming up with plenty of "enhancements" for their Wii version of the game, titled Jenga World Tour. Gamespot recently had an opportunity to spend some time with a work-in-progress version of Jenga World Tour and, frankly, they are not convinced that the finished game will be nearly as much fun as 54 wooden bricks.

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PS360WII3997d ago

You know I can see it but I can't at the same time. Would be a good use of the controller but at the same time why not just bring out the Jenga set we all have already. Not sure this will even crack the 100k marker... just my opinion that is.