PlayStation Eye Delayed In Europe

Originally pegged for a release date of November 9th many were expecting the PlayStation Eye to be in their hands this Friday. But today UK retailer changed the release date of the product to the 7th December and Amazon changed it to the 14th December.
The biggest gaming retailer in the UK GAME still do not have the product listed, which begs the question will it be making its way to british shores before christmas?

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ISay4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

the sorry thing is that the uk store has all the camera games us has none is still shiping out to europe

LSDARBY4001d ago

I imported from movietyme, why arent people appoving this?

MaximusPrime_4001d ago

i cant see why this should be on N4G. This is coming from an online store. We need to hear it officially from Sony.

Lightning4001d ago

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xplosneer4001d ago

Admitting you're a total whacko. Good job.

Anyhow: Whatever, import. Besides, this isn't even an official delay. But then again I wouldn't be surprised, Sony still hasn't brought the Go! cam to US.

ruibing4000d ago

Hmm, I'm confused. I don't think the two are the same guy, the avatar pics are different (though the same one could just be a copy and paste). And since when did Lightning only have such a low score?

Anyways, too bad for EU, but most people would do well getting the Eye of Judgment anyways since it has the game, cards, and eye for pretty low price.

techie4001d ago

Most people bought it with Eye of's available in Europe.

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The story is too old to be commented.