IGN: How Does Battlefield 3 on PS3 Measure up to PC?

The question on everyone's mind since the first footage of Battlefield 3 released in February is, "where's the console version?" DICE's follow-up to last year's Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and 2005's Battlefield 2 has looked great on PC even in its early, pre-alpha state, but we've never seen it running on console up close – until now.

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Emilio_Estevez4265d ago

Stupid article. Pre-alpha and mising destruction and textures.

Kalowest4265d ago

Still looks better than MW3.

theonlylolking4265d ago

Obviously, MW3(60fps) while BF3(console) is 30fps.
Pretty much any 30fps game will look better than a 60fps game. Just like how Shift 2(graphically) looks better than Forza 3 but that is only because Forza 3 aims for 60fps while shift 2 aims for 30fps.

Compare apples to apples not apples to bacon.

Greywulf4265d ago Show
M-Easy4265d ago

Bubble for smartness Kalowest.

Inside_out4265d ago (Edited 4265d ago )

The PC version according to all the leaked footage and even EA-Dices recently damage control trailers shows a game with a lot of problems and being 12 weeks out from launch...I don't expect it to get much better...what a mess and this footage is no doubt running on...
EA-Dices recommended specs...

Recommended specs, no minimum announced.

-OS: Windows 7 or Vista
-CPU: Quadcore @ 2.0 or faster
-Ram: 4 gb
-HD: 7.25 gb free disk space
-Video: 512 mb or greater
-Direct 10 or 11 compatible card with the latest drives ( AMD 11.5 or later Nvidia 275.35 or later
-Sound: Direct 10 or 11 compatible card
-Internet: Broadband connection

...SOoooo...if it's a mess with those specs, then how is it going to look on a less powerful system with a fraction of those requirements...O_o

kaveti66164265d ago Show
TripleAAARating4265d ago (Edited 4265d ago )

I don't see any problem with Greywulf's comment... he simply stated facts and telling from your response he's a thorn in your side cause he states facts that degrade your platform of choice... really pathetic on your part to have to ask why he's still alive, why are YOU here feeling the need to belittle him.

baodeus4265d ago (Edited 4265d ago )


Yeah 20% of GT5 looks better than forza 3, while the other 80% look worst than forza 3, especially at 1280x1080 with no AA, w/ mix of 16 high res/low res vehicles on a track w/ pixelated particles/effects/shadow/,flat ten low resolution environment/ xy trees/ 2d spectator and grass, and 80% of vehicles have no interior. You can still look at it but would you greywult? why not show them greywulf, you know what they look like right? No wonder they don't have interior view for those 80% of vehicles.

So what are u getting at Greywulf? You sure don't want to mention that part do ya. I know, i play the game, you can't lie like that man.

Anon19744265d ago Show
NanoSoldier4265d ago

Greywulf you're still a Fanboy

paintsville4265d ago

Greywolf is just trying to stir up the crap. The fact remains that PC will have the dominant version of BF3 when compared to either console. My interest will be how the PS3 stacks up to 360. Given past experience with MW and BF it should be interesting.

Ducky4265d ago (Edited 4265d ago )

... how did GreyWulf get a 'well said'? O.o

LolKing's point is that a 60fps games will look worse than a 30fps games, and used Forza as an example of a game that doesn't look that great.
Wulf replies with GT5 looking better than Forza3... which doesn't add anything to the discussion.

Maybe if Wulf had said that GT5 looks better than Shift2, which he didn't, rather, he made a typical response that shows up whenever GT or Forza are made.

vandal GAB4265d ago

@ Greywulf

Wrong GT5 tries to run at 60fps anymore than 4 cars on screen and it's a mess.

hamburger1234265d ago (Edited 4265d ago )

smh @ peoples talking about forza and GT5 and shit

SixShotCop4265d ago


Kaveti6616 belittled Greywulf because he's a douchebag. It's really as simple as that. Why are you defending him? Is he your boyfriend? Oh wait.. he's a PS3 fanboy! I understand.

To be honest, i absolutely hate the dude. IMO he needs a freakin beatdown.

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Im tired of this stupid articles...We all know PC games look better cuz its obviously more powerfull.

This article is just asking for hits.

DaTruth4264d ago

Ask and you shall receive!

lMHl4265d ago

Read a dam artical once you finsh the video dam ps3 fanboys.

EDD2134265d ago

Hate to brake it to you but consoles don't haven nearly as much features compared to PC versions, just look at Crysis 2 that includes destruction

lMHl4265d ago

@EDD213 Im buying it on pc so i dont know what your trying to break to me I use my xbox360 controller on my PC for games

RankFTW4265d ago

If you use your 360 controller to play BF3 on PC then you are going to get owned, alot.

TekoIie4265d ago


I've used a 360 controller for loads of games on PC, gears being the main one. I played BC2 with it as well, didnt get owned much at all and i know i would get my ass wooped a ton more if i used the mouse and keyboard because its something im not used to.

When i see video games i always think "ok lets pick up the controller and play". keyboard and mouse have never really worked for me because of that and its only RTS's that i use them for...

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shovelface884265d ago (Edited 4265d ago )

I love how they say "...PCs max of 60[fps]," which is total bullshit. IGN doesn't do their research.

Organization XII4265d ago (Edited 4265d ago )

I totally was like wtf when I first read that. I mean come on, a gaming site like ign doesnt know that PC games doesn't have limitations whatsoever on frame rates? That's a big load of ignorant BS. I have a feeling IGN doesnt pay their journalists well that's why they spew nonsense in their articles - or they are just plain dumb. I'll go with the latter one.

frostypants4264d ago

The whole article is fail. It's inconsistent with the every other critic who's seen the PS3 version and said it looked pretty damn good.

RugbyGod4264d ago

How is it stupid? He played it. I'm sure he knows how to spell "Missing", who's stupid?

Emilio_Estevez4264d ago (Edited 4264d ago )

Still them, of course I know how to spell missing, it was a typo obviously. He's comparing when it's not finished and to the version that will obviously be better. And I never said he was stupid, the article/comparison is.

Heartnet4264d ago

If thats what there showing off then thats what we compare em by..

Dont say stupid article when thats all we can compare at this moment in time...

and if they think pre alpha is good enough to show off to the public then we have the right to judge and criticize

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firemassacre4265d ago (Edited 4265d ago )


pc version will obviously be way better than the console versions NO QUESTION.

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solar4265d ago

you could definitely tell the difference in lighting. other than that it kinda looks like a slightly prettier BC2. :/

frostypants4264d ago

I'd actually be ok with that...but the textures and animation both look better than BFBC2's.

hiredhelp4265d ago

Of course.
can you imagin a console housing a 9-12" long video card.

hmm note to self create a console system with a external graphics card."

Heartnet4264d ago

no question... wow such a blind fanboy....

What if EA focus more on the console version and release console exclusive maps and guns and add new modes to console version..

mods and the like are blocked so..

but ITLL LoOK So MUch BeTtERZ... no it wont..

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lazertroy4265d ago

So it sounds like they are actually coding this game for PS3 and not just porting the 360 version, thank god

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Supman4265d ago

Bf3 is shooter of da year.

ddkshah4265d ago

This footage looked amazing and at such a smooth framerate. The ps3 version really has a lot going for it. 720p mlaa and at this level of destruction. Good job dice ;)

BlackKnight4265d ago (Edited 4265d ago )

I keep hearing about MLAA on BF3, is there an article that says so? Last I heard was MLAA takes 5 of the 6 SPUs for 3.4ms (i think that was the ms). Since BF3/DICE showed off how the SPUs are being used to do some of the deferred lighting/rendering work (if not all), can they really do both?

BlackKnight4265d ago (Edited 4265d ago )


uhhhhhh, I think you didn't even read my question/comment correctly. I already know the PS3 can do MLAA (Though not easily)....the 360 has already been shown doing it, and PC did it way before with Intel's research which started it all...Let me try to rephrase what I was asking so there are no misunderstandings:

In this PDF:

Dice explains that their deferred rendering/lighting runs on 5-6 of the SPUs (the PS3 only has 6 SPUs a game can use, the 7th is reserved for the XMB/OS). And MLAA uses a chunk of the calculation time of 5 SPUs as well. So my QUESTION was is MLAA actually confirmed in BF3 ALONG side their deferred rendering AND all the other stuff you need like AI, Physics, sound processing, animation, etc?

HappyTrigger4264d ago (Edited 4264d ago )


According to DICE's engine coder Christina Coffin, MLAA will be used on the PS3 version:

"@Mad1723 its short for MLAAwesome, cause it makes the ps3 version look awesome. death to jagged pixels!"!/Chris...

This COULD have been replaced by now with FXAA, but we'll see in the coming months.

xKeane4265d ago

that wasnt PS3 footage. that was just the regular PC mp trailer....if u read the article smart one