Big Uncharted 3 News Incoming - Nolan North Teases

Net Media Now - "Nolan North, the voice of Nathan Drake, teases "Big News", and we speculate what it will be about."

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WhiteLightning3514d ago

Best news that could come out of Uncharted 3 is that Eddie Raja is still alive.

"The Uncharted Movie, there's a very slim chance of seeing Nolan North playing Drake in the film, so he wouldn't tweet about a project that he's not involved with."

But if he can dream <fingers cross>

Criminal3514d ago

If it were up to you, would you go with North or Fillion?

ksense3514d ago

I actually think the guy from the latest star trek reboot Chris Pine would suit the role.

WhiteLightning3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

Nolan obviously :)

He is Drake and this is the one part he could play and be amazing at. I would like Emily and Richard aswell because of that chemistry between them I mean look at the recent "Fallon made fun of my pool noodle" video with Richard and Nolan messing around it's hilarious. It wouldn't be the same if Emily Rose got her part (she has more chance then Nolan) and then Fillion gets the role, it would be funny seeing Emily and Fillion instead of Emily and Nolan...the chemistry just wouldn't be there with her and Fillion.

@thorstein: Yeah but the thing is Fillion is Mal, Nolan is can say Mal acts like Drake but at the end of the day Nathan Fillion plays Mal and he played Mal in the Firefly movie's only fair Nolan North gets to play Drake in a Uncharted film.

thorstein3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

Fillion. See Firefly. That is all.

However, I think this announcement will be for Uncharted LBP!

I know, I know, long shot, but just imagine the possibilities!

MrSpace3514d ago

Nolan North, mostly because of Whitelightning has said

How can you call yourself a fan of Uncharted if you don't want the poor guy who's been looking for his big break his entire acting career to NOT get the Uncharted role, the guy is basicaly the character already and does the mo-cap. You should feel ashamed if you want Fillion over Nolan North.

Nolan all the way. I'd say it would be like a thanks to all the hard work he's put into Uncharted. You get Nolan the role and Emily and Richard will have to follow.

Heartnet3514d ago

Nolan North FTW!! although he wont starr as he is like mainly a voice actor nowadays so :)

he has no place in a RL film!

Focker4203514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

You all keep saying 'see firefly', well guess what, firefly was 9 years ago, and serenity was 6. Thats quite a long time and Fillion has aged quite a bit since then. Looking at him on Castle compared to Firefly, hes alot older looking, and he doesn't have the same young and adventurous persona that he once did.

For me Fillion would be the wrong choice, ten years ago sure, but now hes just a tad too old for the role. We need someone in their late twenties early thirties to play Drake.

dead_eye3514d ago

Nathan Fillion would make the best Drake.

He naturally has the characteristics of drake he doesn't even have to act to do it.

MrSpace3513d ago


Neither does Nolan North...

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metsgaming3514d ago

no way the news is that he is going to be in the film. The director said he will make the script before thinking about it.

firemassacre3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

its the first game of the year before the game even comes out award that's how good it is.

anyways i love the series (my favorite) and i cannot wait to see what the news it) i would love to see golden abyss.

@omi25p...yea, what if i am. whacha gonna do brother?!

omi25p3514d ago

your calling it game of the year before its even out?

3514d ago
omi25p3513d ago

Can i have access to you time machine?
I cant wait to play the full game and seeings there is only one you could have played the full game you must have some sort of time travel device.

Also what has gears of war 3 got to do with this? I didnt mention console or anything. I was just surpised that someone can call a game GOTY without even playing it

Fez3513d ago

Very good point you made about Fillion being Mal and Nolan being Nate.

I was one of those hoping Fillion would be cast seeing as his performance in Firefly was so good but thinking about it you are right, and Nolan would be the best to play Drake.

It would be amazing if all three heroes played their counterparts because then the film may actually have some resemblance to the games.

WhiteLightning3513d ago

It's nice to know someone has thought about it and seen my point :)

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LarVanian3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

Maybe it'll be about Uncharted 3/Golden Abyss integration. Who knows?

Criminal3514d ago

You're basically saying that PS3 and PS Vita will pull a Wii U before it comes out. ;)

liveActionLeveler3514d ago

That is such a great proposal. It'll make our Golden Abyss that much more worthwhile and waaay more fun if it's crossPlay!

metsgaming3514d ago

Uncharted the theme park. That would be awesome, ive always wondered what a theme park based around the theme of video games would be like. Kind of like universal type thing with movies but better and on a larger scale. For example have that ride where you go down rapids in a river in the round boat and have it like the scene in Drakes fortune and have explosions near the boat drenching u with water. Areas where you can eat that looks like the village in UC2 with shops and stuff like that.

Criminal3514d ago

You should pitch this to Sony and Naughty Dog. It's a great idea!!

YogiBear3514d ago

Unfortunately there is a slightly smaller market for a video game theme park as there is a "Jurassic Park" ride which is what I believe you are referring to.

metsgaming3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

universal is wher ethe jurassic park ride is and they do rides themed around movies and universal properties. They have harry potter now and terminator etc. I think it would be cool to do that but with video game theme and have it on a much bigger scale. Universal is quit small and they have no room to expand.

BTW maybe they will be like remember we told u the beta stats wont carry over well we changed our minds it will. That would be big.

jdfoster003514d ago

A confirmation that Hellen Mirram Is in the voice cast?

r213514d ago

its Helen Mirren, remember google is your friend

iGaMei3514d ago

Wasn't there going to be something with uncharted and subway?

ShinFuYux3512d ago

Yeah, if you go to subway, you can get the multiplayer version early. Not a demo but the whole actual thing.

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