PS3 Spot Dazzles With Imagery, Edits

This new spot from TBWA\Chiat\Day for the lower priced PlayStation 3 (now down to $399, folks) is loud, fast and insanely graphic, which is the most immediate way to convey the addictive experience of game play.

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PS3 Limps on and on4003d ago

I can watch a PS3 ad and say, "It's not pathetic" For the price VS the games, it's actually decent.

kewlkat0074003d ago

I like these new ads, enough of that stupid rubber ducky and baby commercials.

Show us the Goods..

They have been on those commercials.

bluebrad19744003d ago

For anyone who doesn't know the contributer of the article is a member of the Sony Protection Group.

Edwin19894003d ago

stop reading the PS3 section if you don't like it,

You can't find me in the 360 section either

peksi4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

Agree with the previous comment. I just don't understand why these little people want to read articles about a console that does not interest them.

They must be interested in it after all, can't think of anything else.

mighty_douche4003d ago

which machine you prefer, you gotta admit, thats one cool ad!

cmrbe4003d ago

Good to see you back and contributing positive PS3 news.Keep them coming.On topic. This is a really good ad.It shows the best of PS3 in a short but very exciting way.

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The story is too old to be commented.