Capcom's Biggest Screw-Ups

Examiner: A while back, I said that Mega Man Legends 3, a sequel fans have been awaiting for over a decade would be hitting stores like the Steelyard Commons GameStop and It's About Games on Pearl Road.

Unfortunately, Capcom has announced that they have cancelled the game. Developers revealed on the game's blog, which had been used to give players insight into how games were made, and input into its production, concerned the company, which led to the cancellation.

Many fans are outraged. However, I'm not surprised. Capcom has had a pretty long history of making bafflingly stupid decisions. This is just the latest in a very long line. At the behest of a gamer at Cleveland State University, I've decided to compile a list of them.

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trainsinrdr4333d ago

They basically screwed up everything after the ps1.

NovusTerminus4333d ago

Devil May Cry... Ninja Theory...

Horrible idea.

WhiteLightning4333d ago

Resident evi....Slant Six

Crap looking L4D style game which looks to have a lasting appeal of a month

Even worse idea

Lord_Ranos4333d ago

Ninja Theory DEFINITELY should be on the list >:(

Pozzle4333d ago

Dino Crisis 3 should be on the list.

What the hell were Capcom thinking when they cooked up that game. D:

Sidewinder-4333d ago

For some reason that game still scared me.

Must've been how bad it was. Best part of the game is were '3rd Energy' is name dropped to have finally been harnessed.

The rest. Just baaaad. Hilariously bad voice-acting.

Venoxn4g4333d ago

THEY SCREWED MEGAMAN LEGENDS 3DS!!! and many this gen games..

firemassacre4333d ago

dante turned emo, resident evil turned easy ...yea they fukced up big time.

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