GamePro previews Mass Effect - On Nov. 20th, you'll be giving Halo 3 a rest

It has been a well recognized fact that the role-playing game genre has been severely underrepresented on the Xbox 360. Blockbuster RPG titles like Oblivion and Blue Dragon (and to a lesser extent, Eternal Sonata) have been few and far between, causing fans of the genre to look to other consoles and the PC for their statistics and strategy fix. By the end of November, the draw to bring these players back to Microsoft's prodigy console will reach critical mass -- or more specifically, Mass Effect.

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HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4025d ago

"Mass Effect is looking to be directly on course to not only live up to the hype preceding its launch, but to excel beyond it. Xbox 360 owners will soon find out exactly how far beyond when it finally releases on November 20th."

I gonna be sick all week * wink ;) wink * Massive Effectous Asideous I believe its called. :)

Covenant4025d ago

I think that's caused by the same virus as Haloitis...

rubarb234025d ago

bubbles to you both, that was great!

socomnick4025d ago


Dr Pepper4025d ago

You really are looking forward to that, aren't you? I'm pretty sure you mention it on every Mass Effect thread (or damn near to it).

Shaka2K64025d ago

Looks like more of the same.
been there done that.

unsunghero284025d ago (Edited 4025d ago )

First of all, allow me to be the first to say "F*CK, how did you get your bubbles back up to 5?"

But anyone who thinks Mass Effect looks like more of the same doesn't judge games very well. It really does look like an amazing twist on the RPG genre- I don't think I've ever seen an RPG that does so much to change everything.

Now, of course with that I will say that I am probably not going to buy Mass Effect. Rest assured, this is not because I'm a petty Sony fanboy who hates all things not on the PS3 and I'm dense enough to say that Mass Effect is more of the same. I recognize that Mass Effect is an amazingly new game, but it's not really the kind of game I'm into. MY problem with it is that conversations as a major mode of gameplay don't appeal all that much- supposedly Mass Effect is somewhat lacking in the gunplay department, and I generally don't care about a game's story all that much.

STILL, I can totally understand why people would buy Mass Effect. It's just not my type of game.

joydestroy4025d ago

YEAH, another AAA for the 360.
i only recently realized that it had a cover mechanism which made it even better. this is the only game that's going to take me away from CoD4.

and people should get it straight, it's an RPG/Shooter

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The story is too old to be commented.