Unreal Tournament 3: Demo Competition

Threespeech have five spaces for Three Speech readers to go and view a demo of Unreal Tournament 3 on the PlayStation 3, given by an EPIC employee, this Thursday (08:11:07) in Birmingham. Bar industry insiders you will be the first members of the public to view the game in the UK.

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Evil0Angel4092d ago (Edited 4092d ago )


LSDARBY4092d ago

Ive entered, i live in central birmingham so this would be amazing

solar4092d ago

i was excited that this was a PSN demo also. /cries

please let us know the goods mate if u get selected to play. especially about the vehicles :D

straightpiff4204092d ago

cant wait till this releases on ps3, hopefully its still coming before christmas!!?

demolitionX4092d ago

Sony delayed it for a reason, epic didn't! Sony are working closely with epic to enhance UE3 for PS3. i have the feeling UT3 will be better on PS3 than PC when released!