Major League Gaming TV Show on G4 November 16th

The MLG TV Show will be airing on G4 starting November 16th at 11PM. Shows will be every Friday after that at the same time with rebroadcasts Mondays at 2AM.

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snoop_dizzle4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

wait....G4 has something about .... Gaming aside from xplay and occasionally AOTS(i usually don't mind it, i just dislike olivia)!!?


But yeah memories are coming back when before i came to this site i frequented the g4 site frequently(forgive the redundancy).

solar4000d ago

have you seen olivia's ass o.O id "play beyond" that thing :D

Marceles4000d ago

I might actually watch this show, I mean...finally a real gaming show on G4 that won't be annoying. I also like watching this stuff and lying to myself thinking I can actually beat these guys who live and die playing these games...I'm good at games, but guys in the MLG are just...sick.

solar4000d ago

i've tried it once with some friends....messing around on CSS. never never never never never never will i do that again. once you take gaming and put any kind of bragging rights behind any sort of competition like that, count me out. i dont want my games to be "jobs" or have to live up to some sort of expectations to anyone. i ran a server for a guy who managed high level CAL CSS team. hearing the guys talk in vent....a bigger turn off.

games are games. if i wanna play a game for money, id be playing professional sports.