Purchase A Summer Of Arcade Game And Get The Maw For Free

Microsoft Online Store is offering The Maw free with any purchase of a Summer of Arcade title. Summer of Arcade kicked off this week with Bastion, an action RPG by Supergiant Games.

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RonaldRaygun2742d ago

These are the deals I was hoping the Summer of Arcade would get. Looks like I'll be picking up Bastion after all :)

Donski2742d ago

Wow, this is an awesome deal. Anyone that hasn't played The Maw yet owes it to themselves to do so.

dazreah2742d ago

I'm gonna wait for From Dust which i think is next weeks game.

vikingland12742d ago

From dust does look good buuut so does Bastion oh man I can't decide. Maybe I will get both.

dazreah2742d ago

Im thinking of getting both but can only really afford one at the mo, need payday to hurry up!!